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Soapstone Sealer

Soapstone Sealer

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An all-natural, food contact safe, vegan-friendly, no VOC protector of soapstone and other porous surfaces. Great for soapstone, slate, granite, and concrete countertops. Any raw or honed porous countertop that does not have a glossy or polished finish.

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Product Description

An all-natural, non-fading, protector of soapstone

Finally, an all-natural, earth-friendly product that can be used on Soapstone, concrete, slate, and other porous surfaces. “Soapstone Sealer” will provide a low luster finish on soapstone without the continuous reapplication that is required with mineral oil.

Soapstone Sealer from The Real Milk Paint Company is made from food-grade Walnut Oil and T 1 Carnauba Wax Flakes. There are no solvents added which means no VOCs (volatile organic chemicals) or added fragrances. Soapstone Sealer is made with entirely plant-based ingredients making it a vegan-friendly finish. These ingredients means are safe for food to touch or lay on the surface without fear of contamination. This product can be applied to soapstone, marble, granite, slate, concrete, and any other honed natural stone surface. If the surface is polished it will not accept Soapstone Sealer. Walnut oil is a drying oil. As the walnut oil takes in oxygen it will polymerize or cure. This is why walnut oil does not go rancid. It will cure before it can spoil.

Soapstone Sealer is made from all-natural products and is not a petroleum product like mineral oil. Mineral oil, also known as petroleum distillate, is a byproduct in the distillation of petroleum to produce gasoline. Mineral oil is a non-drying oil. What this means is that it does not evaporate but is picked up and transferred around the house. This is how it disappears off the soapstone. Our Soapstone Sealer cannot be applied over a previously mineral-oiled surface. Mineral oil must be removed before applying. See the Directions section for more details.


  • 4 oz. covers 50 sq. ft.
  • 8 oz. covers 100 sq. ft.
  • 16 oz. covers 200 sq. ft.

How to Prepare A Surface

An unfinished, absorbent surface is the best material for the Soapsonte Sealer to be applied to. If your soapstone was previously finished, is glossy, or won’t absorb water we recommend removing the finish. Commonly, soapstone is saturated with mineral oil to provide protection. Mineral oil is a petroleum-derived non-drying oil. This means that it will forever remain as oil and slowly be removed from the surface. Mineral oil must be removed prior to applying Soapstone Sealer. To do this, you can use hot water and dish soap or Citrus Solvent to clean the surface and remove the oil. After the surface is dry, proceed to applying the Soapstone Sealer.

How to Apply Soapstone Sealer

  1. Open the container and scoop out wax content with a lint-free cloth (our favorite is the inside of a clean old sock.)
  2. Rub the wax in a circular motion thinly over the surface with the cloth. Re-scoop product from the container and apply to the surface until fully covered.
  3. Let the Soapstone Sealer soak into the surface for a minimum of 15 minutes, but no longer than 30 minutes.
  4. Wipe off all excess wax from your surface with a lint-free cloth or an old t-shirt. Do not leave a thick layer of wax on the surface. Removing excess wax is key to the application. Good pressure might be required to remove excess wax/oil from the surface.
  5. Let the wax sit overnight. If the surface looks splotchy or uneven the next day, apply another coat using the same steps (1-4) as before.
  6. Allow the Soapstone Sealer to cure for 5-7 days before use. Keep standing water off the surface for this period of time at a minimum. Full cure will occur between 10 – 15 days and after this period can be used to its fullest capacity. This product cures through air exchange so, it is important to keep objects, such as bowls, serving dishes, appliances, etc off the surface to allow airflow.
  7. After the full curing period (10 – 15 days) you can clean the surface with mild soap (general dish soap works well) and water. Avoid acids (such as vinegar) or other harsh cleaners.
  8. Soapstone Sealer will wear over time in areas of hard use. Reapply in worn areas using the steps outlined above (steps 1 – 3). Areas that do not get used hard may and usually do not need reapplication of the product for many years.

For Soapstone Sinks Basins

Soapstone sinks basins require a longer curing period and in general more maintenance. We highly encourage allowing the soapstone to be applied as outlined above (steps 1 – 6) and ensuring that it is given its full curing period of 10 – 15 days before use.


We believe in being honest with what is in our products. So, that’s why we provide the ingredients used in them so you can rest assured knowing exactly what’s in the product you purchase from us. It’s just a way we make it easier on you.

Soapstone Sealer is made with

  • Walnut Oil – FDA approved for food contact. View document
  • T1 Carnauba Wax – Affirmed by the FDA as Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) for direct food contact. View Document

Safety Data Sheet

Download the Soapstone Sealer SDS here.