Chippy Paste

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Finally a product that you can control over chipping and flaking!! Make your paint chip when and where you want it! This gives your piece a rustic, chippy look. Easy to use with Real Milk Paint and other paints as well. All natural water base. Thin with water if needed.

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Product Description

With Chippy Paste, you can create stylish vintage décor in all types of material. This easy-to-use paste product allows you to take control of paint chipping like never before, opening your design palette to vintage creations that will stand the test of time!

Chippy Paste is compatible with all Real Milk Paints, as well as other paint products, giving you the option on the type of paints you use for your upcoming projects. It’s a product designed to help add character to any home space.


Chippy Paste is easy to use for beginning painters and home improvement veterans. It has a water-based paste consistency, and when you open it, some water may separate and sit on top in the container. This additional water can be mixed back in, or poured off to make the paste even thicker. Here are the steps to follow when adding Chippy Paste to your next milk paint project:

Step 1: Apply the Chippy Paste between layers of paint or over the surface of the next coat of paint you want to chip or flake. Apply paste by flicking on with a stiff brush or toothbrush.

Step 2: Spread out or leave thick globs of paste on the surface and allow it to dry for about 30 minutes.

Step 3: Apply a second coat of Real Milk Paint over the Chippy Paste and leave it to dry. When it dries, use a scotch bright scrub pad over the surface to reveal the Chippiness!

Step 4: (Optional): You may top coat with Finishing Cream, Finishing Glaze or Carnauba Paste Wax.

Chippy Paste is the leading solution for achieving that unique vintage appeal over any painted surface!

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