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Beginner’s Guide to Painting Furniture

Beginner’s Guide to Painting Furniture Knowing how to paint furniture is a useful skill to have when you want a specific piece of furniture you can't buy ready-made. Whether you want to make over garage sale accent tables with Real Milk Paint ,...
How to Bleach Wood with Oxalic Acid

How to Bleach Wood with Oxalic Acid

Working with older wood has its complexities, one of which is stains that sanding doesn't remove. Many times, these stains are due to the chemical reaction of tannins with trace metals in the wood. These chemical reactions happen for various reasons,...

How to Crackle Paint

How to Crackle Paint This is where you can learn how to Crackle Paint, the techniques of creating those faux crackle painted surfaces. You can create the heavy alligator look crackle paint or the fine antique crackle glass finish of an old antique...

How to Guide for Using Paste Wax

Complete Guide to Wood or Paste Wax While modern polyurethane, lacquer and varnish products provide a nice seal, nothing beats the look and protection you get when you use old-fashioned paste wax on wood projects. Formulations by The Real Milk Paint...

How to Make Colored Waxes

How to Make Colored Waxes At our antique restoration shop we frequently make our own black, white, red and brown colored waxes. You can actually make any color you want, the process is very simple. First start with a clear paste wax like our "Carnauba...

How to Paint Walls

How to Paint Walls If your walls are raw plaster or gypsum, no special considerations are necessary, Real Milk Paint ® will stick to these porous surfaces . Unlike latex paints , our milk paint is an environmentally friendly, no VOC paint ...

How to Strip a Surface

How to Strip a Surface or Remove a Finish Real Milk Paint works on both finished and unfinished surfaces, but sometimes, you want to start with a clean slate to achieve the look you want. Fortunately, the process of how to remove a finish is relatively...

Using Real Milk Paint

How to Use Real Milk Paint How to Mix Real Milk Paint When using Real Milk Paint, keep in mind it comes in powder form, so you need to prep and mix it yourself. No matter if you need a little or a lot, we recommend mixing our Real Milk Paint at a...


Wood Samples

Wood Samples Woods samples were sanded to 150 grit with random orbit sander. Finish was applied with the same process as described in "How to Finish a Floor with Pure Tung Oil" with each coat being thinned one to one with Citrus Solvent. Samples were...

Homemade Milk Paint Recipes

Homemade Milk Paint Recipes How to make Milk Paint

Project Ideas

Real Inspirations REAL Inspirations is a new feature on the Real Milk Paint website. It’s our on-going project spotlight showcasing inspiring creative project ideas you can use with Real Milk Paint environmentally friendly products. The Real M...

Customer Tips

Customer Tips There's nothing we like better than hearing how much our customers love using their Real Milk Paint Co. products. And what a treat it is when we can learn a thing or two from our customers! Below are some extraordinary tips we've received...


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Instructional Videos

Creating that perfectly antiqued look on furniture or battling the elements outdoors can be tricky things to accomplish, especially if it is your first time painting. That is why we here at The Real Milk Paint Co. have created some instruction videos for our customers. These easy to follow, step-by-step videos will guide you through the processes of distressing your furniture as well as how to properly child safe furniture paint outdoors with our nontoxic Real Milk Paint®. Happy painting!

Want to see more tips and techniques? Check out our video’s on painting techniques.


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