Surfprep Non-Woven Discs

Surfprep Non-Woven Discs

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SurfPrep non-woven discs are 3-dimensional and highly flexible. The flocked backing is designed to be used on orbital sanders with Hook & Loop backup pads (H&L). No vacuum holes are needed for vacuum sanding, the substrate will suck through abrasive and flocking. Each disc is color-coded by grit for easy use and reuse. Perfect for preparing a surface before painting with Real Milk Paint or buffing in a final finish of Wood Wax.

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Surfprep Non-Woven Hand Pads

Surfprep Nonwoven Maroon Flocked DiscMaroon | Very Fine | 320 Grit

Aluminum Oxide pads have a multitude of uses, from de-fuzzing of white wood to scuff sanding between sealer coats on wood. These are also used in the automotive industry for prepping metal surfaces before paint. Applications: Cleaning, wood finishing, automotive finishing, plastics Uses: Multi-purpose for a variety of sanding substrates.

Surfprep Nonwoven Grey Flocked DiscGrey | Ultra Fine | 800 Grit

This high-grit silicon carbide abrasive is perfect for scuffing automotive fillers and matting car paint. It can also be used for wood waxing and scuff sanding when wiping stain. Applications: Cleaning, wood finishing, automotive finishing, plastics Uses: Finishing metals, woods, plastics, and composites.

Surfprep Nonwoven White Flocked DiscWhite | Buffing | No Grit

For use with cleaning compounds on all types of surfaces. These discs & pads hold compound uniformly without saturation and will not scratch surfaces. It is ideal for cleaning car windows or buffing with wax on wooden surfaces. Applications: Cleaning, windows, waxing, automotive, woodworking Uses: Fine finishing and polishing.