How to Make Colored Waxes

At our antique restoration shop we frequently make our own black, white, red and brown colored waxes. You can actually make any color you want, the process is very simple.

First start with a clear paste wax like our “Carnauba Wax”. Then select the colorant from our pigment chart. These are the dry powered colors that are used to make our Real Milk Paint®. Open your can of wax, if it is half empty you can use the wax and the can. If it is full, scoop out some wax into an old glass peanut butter jar or the like. Then add a tablespoon of pigment to the wax. Stir well. You will probably find the wax is too thick. At this point add some thinner. This can be our “Citrus Solvent” as non toxic thinner, paint thinner or mineral spirits. I usually add about a tablespoon and stir in. If still too thick, add some more thinner.

If the wood wax is still not quite colored enough add some more pigment. There is not really a set rule to how much pigment to add. You will find the right balance of pigment to thinner and wax soon enough. Colored waxes can be used to create “grunge” or “dirt” on a surface for an antique look. With brighter color pigment such as “Ultra Marine Blue” the wax can be used to create artistic contrast over a colored surface.