How to Strip a Surface

Semi-paste remover works great for thick, clear finishes such as paint. Liquid removers are used for cleaning up the residues left from the semi-paste and for thin clear finishes. Always wear rubber gloves, safety glasses and long sleeved pants and shirt.

Start with semi-paste remover and cover the surface. Allow the remover to set 5 to 20 minutes. Remember remover is your friend and allow the remover to do the work for you. The most common mistake is not using enough remover.

Lay on enough remover till the surface stays wet. When the remover has bubbled the finish, remove it with a spatula.


Then remove the remainder with OO steel wool, rubbing with the grain. Next, cover the surface with liquid remover. Scrub with the grain again with OO steel wool till clean. Repeat the above procedure till clean. Finally, use a paper towel dipped in liquid remover to wipe the surface dry.

Remover contains wax to keep it from evaporating. If the wax is left on the wood it will cause adhesion problems with the finish. Mix up some TSP (Tri-sodium phosphate), wash the surface and allow to dry thoroughly. Sand with fine sandpaper. You are now ready to finish with milk paint.