Real Milk Paint Additives

Real Milk Paint is a versatile decorative and protective option for everything from handmade furniture you wish to embellish in vintage style to old wood swings adorning your favorite garden path. And while Real Milk Paint offers coverage solutions for numerous home decor applications inside and out, it sometimes needs a bit of extra help to meet the requirements of specific tasks. For that reason, the Real Milk Paint Co. makes special milk paint additives that extend the usage of milk paints to boost your satisfaction with completed products.

Ultra Bond Adhesion Promoter

Ensure the shade of Real Milk Paint you select stays put for the long haul, even on surfaces you’re unsure about, with our Ultra Bond adhesion promoter. This concentrated formulation has a water base that mixes at a 1:4 ratio with Real Milk Paint and only goes into the first coat for economical use in numerous restoration projects. Made from nontoxic ingredients just like all our Real Milk Paint additives, Ultra Bond adhesion promoter has no odor and doesn’t release volatile organic compounds (VOCs), making for eco-friendly decorating. Ultra Bond may come in handy when painting the following:

  • Nonporous materials such as glass, metal and plastics like melamine
  • Previously painted surfaces like chalk paint, latex, and oil-based paints
  • Varnished, lacquered or shellacked items
  • Surfaces already covered with oil- or water-based polyurethane
  • Things with unknown finishes

The white liquid formulation of Ultra Bond dries clear and has a thin viscosity for fuss-free mixing with Real Milk Paint. Just like when you’re painting with Real Milk Paint alone, you simply clean the surface with non-residue options like TSP and lightly sand it to further improve adhesion. For added convenience, this shelf-stable milk paint additive dries in roughly one hour, so it doesn’t slow down the drying process of your project.

Anti-Foam Agent

Use Anti-Foam Agent by The Real Milk Paint Co. to smooth out Real Milk Paint and reduce the foam created when you mix it. This key tool in our arsenal of milk paint additives minimizes the foaming in strongly agitated paint so you can start painting your project sooner. It helps the powder pigments in Real Milk Paint disperse throughout the water you mix it into, reducing bubbling for smoother application. Additionally, Anti-Foam Agent assists in blending deeper hues that don’t mix well due to how they float in water. With these colors, this food-grade Real Milk Paint additive helps break the surface tension to speed up mixing times and optimize the texture.

Outdoor Additive

Transform Real Milk Paint into a patio-ready decorating option with our Outdoor Additive. Made with a compound similar to borax, this nontoxic milk paint additive offers a safe way to toughen up outdoor decor so it better weathers inclement conditions. The finely milled powder mixes easily into Real Milk Paint to keep the texture smooth and blendable for fuss-free application on porous objects, including wood porch swings, garden benches, and poolside lounges. Once on your project, tannin stain blockers in the formulation prevent stains from cedar and pine from bleeding through and marring your finish. Additionally, it aids Real Milk Paint in fading gently over time rather than cracking and peeling, so your favorite furnishings age gracefully.

Along with the cosmetic benefits, Outdoor Additive also brings durability to your projects. It imbues UV light protection to slow down fading and inhibits mold and bacteria for safety and stability. This milk paint additive offers extra water resistance when you pair it with Real Milk Paint Co. Outdoor Defense Oil as a topcoat.