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Soy-Gel Professional Paint Remover

Soy-Gel Professional Paint Remover

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A safe and easy way to strip away old, unwanted paints, shellacs, and many other finishes. The low VOC formula means you can use this product indoors. Can be used indoors even in the winter.

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Product Description


Remove multiple coats of paint in one application by using Soy Gel Paint Remover by The Real Milk Paint Co. This consumer-friendly varnish, paint, and urethane remover is made from 100% American-grown soybeans for sustainable restorations. It can remove different paint based, including latex and oil paint. The paint stripper also encapsulates lead from lead paint in its gel formulation, preventing those dangerous particles from going airborne and allowing safe, easy disposal.

Safer Paint Remover Formulation

For added safety, Soy Gel Paint Remover contains no methylene chloride or an alkaline base. It also washes up with water for quick, simple cleanup after the paint removal project completion. Additionally, this low-odor paint stripper exudes no noxious fumes for a pleasant sealer and paint removal experience, and Soy Gel works equally well on indoor and outdoor projects for versatile use in all your restoration projects. Low volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in the paint remover formulation further tone down the fumes, making Soy Gel safe to use indoors during the winter or if you have a limited amount of outdoor space to work in.

Excellent Paint Stripper Coverage

Tackle large and small projects alike with soy-based paint remover, and enjoy its fast-acting stripper formulation that removes thick layer or multiple layers of paint. Put the quart option to work as a paint stripper on small garage sale finds such as jewelry boxes and picture frames, and use the gallon container as a urethane remover on larger furnishings such as dressers, and porch swings that usually have old dried latex paint. Containers with 2.5 gallons make a great choice for stripping down larger dining room suites, while 5-gallon options provide an ample supply for stripping lead paint from kitchen cabinets or removing paint from multiple items down before adding fresh coats of Real Milk Paint. Each of these Soy Gel Paint Stripper products offers the following amount of coverage:

  • 1 quart: 34 square feet
  • 1 gallon: 135 square feet
  • 2.5 gallons: 337 square feet
  • 5 gallons: 675 square feet

Keep in mind you can use small brushes to coat this polyurethane and varnish remover on most surfaces where you wish to remove paints or related products. For larger projects or items with several layers of paint, consider using a roller or sprayer to cover items in this low-odor paint removal formulation.

WARNING: Do not use the Soy Gel Paint remover on sheetrock walls. Soy Gel will absorb into the sheetrock and permanently distort the surface.

Easy to Use Soy-Based Paint Remover

Rely on Soy Gel Paint Remover from The Real Milk Paint Co. for easy paint, varnish, and urethane removal. Since it strips away more than one layer of sealer at a time, it decreases the amount of time you spend on project preparation. Additionally, the powerful 100% American-grown soybean ingredients trap not only lead but other debris in the gel, so you can simply wipe away both the paint stripper and the layers it removes once it works its magic, no need to use a scrub brush or stripping tool. This means you expend less energy than if you use traditional paint removers that require lots of scraping to clear wood, metal and masonry surfaces effectively.

For those super-tough finishes, try covering the soy gel with plastic wrap. This allows the remover to stay moist and continue working and “eating” away at the finish. 

Suitable Stripper for Urethane

In addition to trapping lead particles for safe removal and disposal, Soy Gel Paint Stripper offers a multitude of other benefits. The natural formulation of this coating remover works in low temperatures, making it a versatile choice for workshops in colder seasons and climes. Additionally, this urethane stripper provides up to three times the coverage of traditional paint removers for economical use in hobby and professional projects alike. One application removes multiple layers of media for quick, effective use, and it works on a variety of different finishes for flexible utility around your workshop or restoration studio. A soy gel stripper also performs the following paint stripper tasks:

  • Strips lead-based, enamel, oil-based paint and latex paint
  • Removes single-component coatings and sealers
  • Clears two-part epoxies with solid counts lower than 40%
  • Removes urethane, varnishes and shellacs
  • Takes off concrete surface sealers (but not penetrating sealer)

Fuss-Free Packaging

Access Soy Gel Stripper with ease thanks to fuss-free packaging that makes it simple to remove the product from the paint stripper containers and add it back as needed. Sturdy plastic bottles keep this paint remover shelf-stable over time, giving you plenty of opportunities to use both small and large containers in many projects to come. Larger containers have sturdy handles for easy lifting and pouring, and secure lids keep this paint remover from leaking out during storage.

Download the Soy-Gel™ Professional Paint Remover SDS