Milk Paint Stripper / Powdered Paint Remover

Milk Paint Stripper / Powdered Paint Remover

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New & Improved Formula

An effective powdered paint remover for easier and less expensive removal of thick, old paints. Remove or strip paint easily with our new and improved paint stripping formula.

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Product Description

An effective powder mixed with water makes a powerful paint stripper and remover, for more manageable and less expensive removal of thick, old paints.

How to Use Non-Toxic Powered Paint Stripper Remover

Real Mik Paint offers paint removers that can quickly remove paint from interior and exterior surfaces, including the new and improved powder-based paint stripper. It can remove multiple layers of milk paint or latex paint, thin layers of oil-based paint or clear finishes shellacs, lacquers, or synthetics. It can also act as a varnish remover.

How many layers can our paint stripper remove? This stripping paint makes a thick, easily applied cream that dissolves up to eight layers of paint with one application. No toxic fumes, acids, or fire hazards exist, and difficult scraping or elbow grease labor is eliminated.

Ingredients and Product Information

Keep this powered paint remover away from aluminum, clothing, plastics, linoleum, leather, and soft goods. Use it at a temperature of at least 65 degrees – the warmer the temperature the quicker the action.  You can use a heat gun to remove paint faster. Half Gallon includes 1 pound of powder, enough to make a half gallon. Gallon size includes two pounds of powder to make a gallon.

As well as offering you a fume-free paint removal solution we also offer non-toxic paint that is available for purchase. Shop through a wide selection of paint stripper removers at Real Milk Paint


Do not mix paint stripper in aluminum or a rusty container. A thick plastic container is recommended. Do not use on painted drywall.

Wear rubber gloves, protective clothing, protective eye gear, and a dust mask while using paint strippers. Avoid contact with clothing, soft goods, thin plastics, linoleum, and leather.

Apply the product with minimum temperatures of 65ºF. Mix one (1) part of Milk Paint Remover with two (2) parts of water. Pour powder into the water while stirring. Stir thoroughly. The mixture will create heat. Allow the mixture to sit for ten minutes to thicken. The resulting paste should be easily workable with a putty knife. Add more water if the paste is too thick. Apply a thick, uniform coating over the old paint using a nylon brush or putty knife to strip paint. To keep removing paint, mist paste with water from the spray bottle as necessary.

Check periodically to see if the paint has been removed. Milk Paint Remover works like a paint thinner over long periods of time and may take hours to dissolve old paints. Once the paint is stripped from the surface, remove the paste from the area with a putty knife. Rinse and scrub the area with clean water and a nylon or wire brush or scrubby pad. Some wooden surfaces may darken after remover is used. Use Oxalic Acid Wood Bleach to restore the original wood color. Store in powdered form at a moderate temperature.

Download Milk Paint Remover SDS here.

What Our Paint Stripper Is Made Of

We believe in being honest with what is in our products. So, thats why we provide the ingredients used in them so you can rest assured knowing exactly what is in the product you use. It’s just another way we make it easier on you!

Milk Paint Strippers/Removers is made with;

  1. Tetrasodium Pyrophosphate
  2. Sodium Carbonate
  3. Sodium Tripolyphosphate
  4. Calcium Hydroxide
  5. Natural plant-based Filler