OOPS Milk Paint

OOPS Milk Paint

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Looking for some adventure? Then try our OOPS Milk Paint! Every now and then a paint color doesn’t meet our high standards for accuracy. The color is really close but not a perfect match so we can’t in good conscience sell it as the color it was meant to be. Everything else about the paint meets our quality control. So, we’re offering the paint at a massive discount! Note all OOPS Milk Paint is sold in Quart bags only.

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Product Description

We have made some awesome Real Milk Paint colors … just not ones that we currently sell. We can’t justify sending out paint colors that are different from what is advertised under the guise they are correct. So, we want to offer them to you at a discount! Rest assured, the OOPS Milk Paint should perform to the same high standards as the rest of our paint. All OOPS Milk Paint colors are close to the original color but are off in one way or another.

Pro Tip: If you’re purchasing multiple amounts of the same color, we recommend mixing the powders together first, then adding your water to make the milk paint. This way the color will be consistent across all OOPS Milk Paint.

The Fine Print

We do not guarantee any colors, the similarity to the intended color, or the matching of those colors in the future. The colors shown on the website are for representation only and not the actual OOPS color. Colors may vary from bag to bag. All orders are on a first come first serve basis and while inventory is available. All OOPS Milk Paint will be sold in a Quart size and packaged in a plastic bag only. All sales are final and no further discount is available. Returns and exchanges are not available on any OOPS Milk Paint. OOPS Milk Paints are colors that did not pass quality control in regards to the designed color. They have not failed any other quality control test. By purchasing you acknowledge and agree with the above statements, these products are clearance items, and we are not responsible for the performance or color quality of the OOPS Milk Paint.