Lye Soap

Lye Soap

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Lye Soap is best for cleaning and conditioning your oval brushes. Not a lot of suds, just good cleaning power and brush care. This non-toxic, low-odor, and all-natural brush cleaner helps condition natural brush bristles to keep them in top shape. Includes: soap, cotton cover and jute string.

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Product Description

Genuine, locally-made Lye Soap for Paint Brushes

This soap is hand-made exclusively for The Real Milk Paint Company right here in Tennessee! Lye Soap is best for cleaning and conditioning your oval paintbrushes. Not a lot of suds, just good cleaning power. Also, helps condition natural bush bristles to keep them in top shape. Lye Soap comes wrapped in a cotton cover that you wrap around your brush to keep from bulging out. Just wrap and tie with the jute string, soak in warm water and allow to dry. Instruction and picture included with each brush cleaner soap bar.

At The Real Milk Paint Company we do our best to provide safe products as well as information. However we cannot guarantee that individuals with compromised immune systems or allergies will not have a reaction to our products. We strongly recommend that each person take their own personal responsibility in testing this product for their own personal use.

Is paint brush soap necessary?

If you paint using different mediums, it’ll be necessary to clean every brush that you use with the best brush cleaners and soaps that remove all the paint and oils and help keep their shape. Even though you can clean brushes with regular soap, brush soap is better because it is specifically formulated for cleaning paint brushes. This soap does a great job of removing paint, like milk paint, and even oil paint, acrylics, and watercolors. It also makes bristle brushes soft and keeps them in good shape. This means your brushes will last longer, continue to paint smoothly and keep their original form for a long time. So, if you love painting and want your new and old brushes to last, using our brush soap is the smart choice for a paint brush cleaner.