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Paint Pigment Powder

Paint Pigment Powder

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If you’re looking to purchase milk paint already colored, check out our 56 different milk paint colors.

Unlike Milk Paint, Pigment Powders do not contain binding agents; these powders are pigment only and are mainly composed of non-toxic iron oxides, natural earth powder and milled minerals. Use this colorant additive to add to concrete, Pure Tung Oil, viscous mediums or others to transfer color to your world.

Pigment powders provide color, texture, opacity and depth to your paints and coatings. The higher the pigment concentration in a paint or coating, the greater its durability, coverage, hiding power and ability to resist fading over time.

Pigment Powders are packaged in a jar. You will receive 16 oz. by weight of the powder in a 20 oz. by volume jar, because the specific densities/weights vary by color pigments.

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Product Description


Paint pigment powder is available in many different colors. Remember, before you decide to embark on an entire DIY project, be sure to test your pigment mixture on a sample first.

All colors are lime-proof, so they may be mixed with any suitable binding agent as desired by the user, including our Real Milk Paint ® Base. Pigment powders can be mixed with and used to color concrete, plaster, plastic resins, wood putties, and epoxy. They can be blended together to create custom colors and shades.

Pigment Powders can also be used for applications such as tinting wood fillers, wood finishing, interior wall paints, exterior house paints, shading pore filler pastes, coloring waxes, or for touch-up on furniture. Try them with any DIY project to add a little color!

Color Pigment Mixing Instructions

  1. For mixing pigments, we generally recommend five pounds of color per 94-pound bag of Portland Cement.
  2. Lighter pastel shades can be obtained using 1 to 3 pounds, while deeper shades may require 7 to 8 pounds.
  3. Never use more than 10 pounds of color per bag of cement.