Paint Calculator

When it comes to painting walls, windows, doors or rooms in your house, one of the most important factors is having the right amount of paint needed for the paint job. Too little and you risk not covering all areas while too much can be a costly mistake. To help you make sure that you get just the right amount of paint, use a paint calculator.

A paint calculator will help you get a rough estimate of gallons or quarts of paint you need for your project. You can enter how many coats of paint are needed and the surface area (in square feet) to be covered. The calculator will then calculate square footage and paint to provide an accurate estimate for the amount of paint you need.

How much paint do I need?

No need to crunch numbers! Real Milk Paint’s handy paint calculator will help you figure out how much paint you need! To get started, enter the dimensions of the surface(s) you’re painting (in feet). NOTE: this is not the square footage of your floors! Our paint estimator assumes a two-coat application for optimal coverage.

For example, to paint four walls in a room you would add the width and height of each wall. Enter a single walls dimensions, click “add area”, then enter the next walls dimensions and repeat.

Paint Calculator

Enter the dimensions of each surface area

Add each surface area you’re painting i.e. wall
ft wide
ft high


windows (3 ft x 5 ft)
doors (3 ft x 7 ft)

How Much You Need

This calculator tells you how much paint you’ll need for two coats. This is intended for estimation purposes only. Paint estimator results and coverage per gallon may vary depending on factors like wall texture, color choice, or surface condition.

This is how much area you need to paint.
This is how much area you need to paint, assuming you'll be doing two coats, which is the recommended amount.
How much paint you'll need to do two coats for your entire area.
Estimated Coverage:
280 sq. ft. per gallon
70 sq. ft. per quart
35 sq. ft. per pint