Real Milk Paint Tools and Supplies

Achieve excellent project results with tools and supplies designed specifically for use with products by The Real Milk Paint Co. Whether you’re breathing new life into estate sale discoveries with our Good Ol’ Brown Wax, stripping down an Adirondack chair with Soy Gel Professional Paint Remover or covering your kitchen cabinets with Real Milk Paint, our selection of tools and supplies includes brushes and rollers that simplify the process. Additionally, we carry protective gear such as gloves and aprons ideal for protecting your clothing and skin, no matter if you’re building and embellishing a special piece from scratch or just adding an extra coat of paint to your favorite outdoor table and chair set.

Ease Paint Application

Use brushes and rollers by The Real Milk Paint Co. to apply everything from cremes, pastes and paints to oils, waxes and strippers. Real Milk Paint tools such as natural-bristle chip brushes come in a variety of sizes, from options designed for reaching into tight spaces to those made for broad coverage, while our foam brushes eliminate brush lines for a smooth finished result. Available in three sizes, our Blue Tip brushes boast natural hog bristles with split hair tips, helping them hold paint, wax and creme with ease for excellent coverage with every stroke. Likewise, our trio of premium imported Italian oval brushes offers long-term durability, easy care and great coverage for both paints and glazes. Additionally, our foam rollers fit on most standard handles to make short work of covering large areas like walls, floors and other flat surfaces, including tabletops, cabinets and furniture.

Protect Your Clothing

Stay neat, tidy and safe while you work by wearing our protective gear when you apply products from the Real Milk Paint Company. Our milk paint tools and supplies selection includes handy aprons that prevent splashes from ruining your favorite shirts, and two pockets on the front help you stay organized by providing a spot for smaller frequently used items. Construction from all-natural cotton makes it simple to launder our apron, while a loop neck strap and back ties allow easy donning before you start your project. The white color with a black The Real Milk Paint Co. logo makes this apron ideal for gifting to the DIY aficionados in your life.

Keep Hands Safe

Maintain tidiness while protecting your hands from chemicals with Real Milk Paint supplies such as our durable rubber gloves. Like our apron, our rubber gloves come in handy for everything from cleaning and stripping to painting and waxing. These gloves have thin walls to improve dexterity and cotton inserts that wick away sweat to keep you comfortable while you work. Additionally, these gloves last for years over numerous projects thanks to construction from chemically resistant materials.

Cleanup Essentials

Utilize Real Milk Paint tools and supplies such as our handmade lye soap when you wish to clean and condition natural fiber brushes. Designed for use with our oval brushes, this lye soap comes wrapped in muslin with a string. This doubles as a way to wrap brush bristles together after the cleaning process and keep them in form while drying .

Whether you use Real Milk Paint tools and supplies for personal projects or business purposes, our selection helps you achieve just the results you want. Purposefully made products from The Real Milk Paint Co. created with high-quality materials and ingredients help you feel good about your next do-it-yourself project.