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Natural Crackle Paint Finish

Natural Crackle Paint Finish

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Crackle milk paint like a pro, creating faux paint finishes with that old antiqued cracked paint look.

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Product Description


Crackle milk paint like a pro, creating faux crackle paint finishes with that old antique cracked paint look.

Use This Crackle Medium for Your Next Crackle Painting Project

Say goodbye to chalk paint that always fails to give you hairline cracks and big cracks, creating the ideal crackle effect you want for your walls. It’s never been easier to create faux crackle effect finishes with that old antique wood finish look. You can create a heavy “alligator” crackled aged look or very fine hairline crackle glass cracks. Crackle paint finish is great for faux painting kitchen cabinets or an unfinished piece of furniture or for kids craft projects.

Natural Crackle Finish by Real Milk Paint Company is a natural non-toxic biodegradable gelatin. It can be brushed or rolled and dries to a clear satin finish. Natural Crackle is a collagen adhesive so it can act as a wood glue and you can use it to repair wood furniture, glue paper, cardboard and leather.

Natural Crackle Medium is a product that can achieve many different looks with different variations in the application. Below are some methods.

Crackle Paint Technique For Walls

To achieve a paint crackle distressed look on your walls, use a damp cloth to gently rub down the entire surface of your wall. This will help loosen any dirt and debris that may prevent the crackle technique from being achieved. Then, it is best to apply a thin layer of copper brown base coat to the wall and allow it to completely dry before adding the top layer of paint. To ensure that the crackle effect appears, use a thicker layer of paint. This will help create an uneven texture which will lead to the desired crackle effect when it dries. To finish off the look, apply a sealant on top of the wall to lock in the crackled paint. With this technique, you can easily add an interesting touch to any wall in your home.

Apply a Base Coat of Crackle Paint Finish on Small Cracks

Apply one base coat of the crackling medium over the milk paint coat color you want to show through the cracks. Allow the thick layer of paint to dry overnight. The final coat of your preferred milk paint color can be applied over Natural Crackle when it is dry. Apply one top coat of paint over Natural Crackle. When the finish is dry, it must be sealed with an oil base as a final coat. Pure Tung Oil, Dark Raw Tung Oil, varnish or lacquers are suitable sealers. A very wet waterborne finish may ruin the work. Our Finishing Creams and Glaze Finish work well as topcoats to keep the crackle effect from fading away.

Note: Thinning Natural Crackle with water can produce even smaller cracks.

Apply Two Coats of Crackle Paint Finish on Large Cracks

Apply two coats of Natural Crackle over the base color of milk paint you want to show through the cracks. Allow each coat to dry. The final coat of milk paint can be applied over Natural Crackle when it is dry. Apply two coats of milk paint over Natural Crackle. The first coat of milk paint color will still be wet but dry enough to accept a second coat. When the finish is dry, it must be sealed with an oil-based topcoat. Pure Tung Oil, Dark Raw Tung Oil, varnish or lacquers are fine to use for sealant. Real Milk Paint’s creams and finishing glazes go on nicely as top clear coats.


  • Dries fast – 30 min. to 2 hours
  • Thin with water for different effects
  • Can be applied to specific areas or across the whole DIY project
  • Will adhere to many surfaces, i.e.: wood, milk paint, varnish, metal, glass, drywall, and previously painted surfaces.
  • Clean up with water
  • Long shelf life – 1 to 2 years without refrigeration
  • Non-flammable
  • Non-toxic paint, environmentally safe
  • Odorless after drying
  • Dries to a satin sheen
  • Apply paint brush or roller
  • Freeze-thaw stable
  • The viscosity of faux paint finishes

NOTE: Natural Crackle is not recommended to be used with paints other than Real Milk Paint®. Please test Natural Crackle with your paint before proceeding to the full project.

How to Crackle Paint

Download the Natural Crackle SDS here.