wooden toys painted with child safe natural paint

Kids are known for exploring their world using their mouths rather than their hands, and parents often find themselves concerned about safety. It’s easy to identify any loose parts or obvious choking hazards, but knowing whether paints and dyes are safe is another matter entirely.

One of the biggest benefits of Real Milk Paint is that you can use it on children’s toys without worry. Whether you’re looking for a pretty shade of yellow to dress up a rolling wooden duck or building a stacking rainbow perfect for your toddler, Real Milk Paint offers a stress-free way to indulge your creativity and protect your family at the same time.

Natural, Child-Safe Ingredients

Forget long, complicated chemicals you can’t even pronounce. While commercial paint is chock full of everything from formaldehyde to benzene, Real Milk Paint contains simple ingredients such as milk protein, lime and earth-based pigments for color. Thanks to our thoughtful, environmentally friendly formula, Real Milk Paint is free of nasty volatile organic chemicals (VOCs) linked to immune system damage and impaired organ function. Use it inside to complete your project and you won’t even have to crack a window.

Great for Your Kids, Great for the Planet

Our paint comes from the earth and can go right back to it — literally. If you have leftover paint, you can dump it in your backyard or onto your compost pile and it’ll be broken down and absorbed as part of nature’s innate disposal system.

In fact, our paint goes one step further, actively benefiting the air around us. One of the main ingredients in Real Milk Paint is high-calcium pharmaceutical-grade lime that hardens by absorbing carbon dioxide. The more you work with Real Milk Paint, the more you’re helping to offset carbon emissions.

If you’re interested in other all-natural products to add to your DIY kit, check out our Pure Tung Oil, sourced from the tung nut, and our Natural Citrus Solvent, which gets its power from the oil found in orange peels.

Perfect for Wooden Toys

In addition to being safe, Real Milk Paint adheres particularly well to wood. The paint has a lovely consistency and spreads easily over the project at hand, so you get a beautiful finish on everything from a handmade desk to a farm animal puzzle and all kinds of charming toys in between. For the sake of longevity, pair your chosen shade of paint with a layer of tung or hemp oil to prevent color bleeding and keep water rings and stains at bay.

You may not be able to control the harmful toxins and hidden chemicals already present in the air you breathe and the soil your kids play in, but you can keep their toys safe by choosing to craft with Real Milk Paint. Visit our catalog and pick out your perfect shade today.