//Soapstone Sealer and Wood Wax
  • Soapstone Sealer and Wood Wax
  • Soapstone Sealer and Wood Wax
  • Soapstone Sealer and Wood Wax
  • Soapstone Sealer and Wood Wax
  • Soapstone Sealer and Wood Wax

Soapstone Sealer and Wood Wax

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An all-natural, non-fading, protector of soapstone and wood. Great for slate, stone, wood and concrete counter tops. Any counter top that does not have a gloss finish. Also works great on wood bowls, kitchen items and cutting boards. It even does a good job to stop rust and make rusty surface look nice again.

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Product Description

An all natural, non-fading, protector of soapstone and wood

Finally an all-natural, earth-friendly product that can be used on Soapstone and wooden food contact items. “Soapstone Sealer” will provide a low luster wood finish on soapstone without the continuous reapplication that is required with mineral oil.

Soapstone Sealer and Wood Wax from The Real Milk Paint Company is made from food grade Walnut Oil and T 1 Carnauba Wax Flakes. There are no solvents added which means no VOCs (volatile organic chemical) or added fragrances. Soapstone Sealer is made with food-contact safe material. This means it is safe for food to touch or lay on the surface without fear of contamination. Walnut oil is a drying oil. As the walnut oil takes in oxygen it will polymerize or cure.

This is why walnut oil does not go rancid. It will cure before it can spoil.

Soapstone Sealer is made from all natural products and is not a petroleum product like mineral oil. Mineral oil, also known as liquid petrolatum, is a byproduct in the distillation of petroleum to produce gasoline. Mineral oil is a non-drying oil. What this means is that it does not evaporate but is picked up and transferred around the house. This is how it disappears off the soapstone.


  • 4 oz. covers 50 sq. ft.
  • 8 oz. covers 100 sq. ft.
  • 16 oz. covers 200 sq. ft.


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  1. Terri Hood

    I just ordered the 8 oz soapstone sealer as a gift for M Teixeira Soapstone of San Francisco, CA, http://www.soapstones.com.

    Teixeira Soapstone put in 8 soapstone counters for me within the past year. The soapstone is beautiful. Their installer did an amazing job. The staff is professional and wonderful to deal with. However, they recommended using a mineral oil finish on my counters. Aaarrrggghhh! What a mess trying to wipe down 8 counters daily. The thought of doing that for a year to try and get a patina is enough to make me cringe. Just shoot me. I found your product on a blog for desperate soapstone owners. Someone raved about your product. Frustrated with mineral oil, I bravely took the leap and purchased your soapstone sealer. I am so grateful for finding your product and am thrilled with the results. The following is the info I just emailed to Teixeira about your product. I was surprised at not finding any testimonials from customers about the sealer on your website unless I missed it somewhere. So, this is my testimonial to your product as it is written to Crystal at Teixeira Soapstone today.

    “I just can’t say enough positives about Real Milk Paint’s Soapstone Sealer. It left a beautiful patina and protects our soapstone. It doesn’t fade like mineral oil did, doesn’t obliterate the beautiful stone pattern like mineral oil did, and doesn’t stay wet or create the mess that mineral oil did. The mineral oil experience was very frustrating. RMP sealer does darken the soapstone as you can see in the picture. It looks more like the stone did when you wiped it with water, Crystal, to help me choose slabs…you could still see the beautiful pattern and the color is richly deepened and enhanced. Ours looks black with a greenish cast and the beautiful grain of the stone is still there.

    The sealer is non-toxic and best of all… it dries on the surface rather than evaporating or walking away wet on items that have been moved around on the counter (mineral oil). This is because both walnut oil and carnuba wax will dry and cure. Before using RMP’s finish, I removed all the mineral oil the day before with a light wipe of Simple Green and lots of water. Then dried the counters well. I didn’t want to risk mixing the mineral oil with the soapstone sealer.

    • Day 1, I put on the first thin, thin coat of RMP Soapstone Sealer. Buffed with a dry towel or paper towels after 30 minutes ‘til it felt smooth to the touch. 1 coat looked pretty good and didn’t fade the next day like mineral oil.
    • Day 2, I did the same routine. It was a joy to dry with a rag because it looked so beautiful, was dry, and had a wonderful silky feel and patina.
    • Day 7, I did a 3rd coat. Waiting a week gave it time to really dry, cure, and harden before this final coat.
    • 24 hours after each coat I gave all the counters a good rub down with a dry towel or cotton t-shirt. It was a joy to wipe/lightly buff the counters because the results were so immediately beautiful and rewarding.

    The finish is still beautiful and going strong. Far, far, far less work, frustration, and mess than daily coats of mineral oil. The results with RMP Soapstone Sealer were immediate and much more satisfying in my opinion. I love the fact that I can freshen it up whenever I want in small patches or do the whole thing and it blends right in. I keep a small rag sealed in the container which is really handy for a quick touch up on a scratch or around faucets. Nontoxic/”green” material as well…safe in the kitchen. Easy to maintain with a damp sponge and wipe it dry. No stains or damage to the patina from cooking spills or doing dishes in the past year. We generally keep the kitchen counters wiped up and don’t let dish water sit for hours on end. My key thoughts with this product are “non-toxic, protects, enhances color, dries, feels silky smooth and has a beautiful patina.” I absolutely love the results on my counters…all 8 of them!

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  2. Dave

    Just used your soapstone sealer and wood wax product on some soapstone in our cabana and thought I’d share some pics with you. Great product and love the fact that it is all natural. Been using mineral oil and never liked the residue and the fact that it would evaporate over a few weeks and leave a splotchy finish.

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  3. Jackie, Dallas TX

    I tried your product on my new soapstone counters yesterday. Loved it! Scratches went into hiding and the color is richer and deeper. I bought extras for my nephew and daughter. Glad I found you!

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