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Environmentally-friendly, non-toxic, paint that’s versatile and easy to use. Made from 100% organic material, it’s safe for kids and pets alike. Easily create a smooth finish or an antiqued look.


Oils can make your piece exactly what you want. Some of the only hard-drying oils on the market, ours will do just as they say. Works great on floors and many other surfaces.


No Odor, Non-VOC’s water base top coats that provide a protective, washable, tinted, matte finish. Helps to hide or enhance moldings, trims and recessed areas on decorative surfaces.


Waxes will finish your piece with the perfect look that you’ve been searching for. We offer no-VOC waxes, paste wax and just about any other kind you can think of.


Real Milk Paint is a powdered, child safe paint that will give you a matte, velvet, chalky finish and sticks to a majority of surfaces without any priming or sanding. It’s environmentally friendly, no VOC, and non toxic. Made from 100% organic material, safe for kids and pets. Our exclusive formula makes it last longer than other products you might find for sale. After being mixed, it remains stable for at least two weeks, compared to a day which is typical of other milk paints. Thin it with more water for use as a wash coat or dye stain. It’s great for DIY projects from repurposed furniture or painting walls and ceiling. You can also mix to create your own colors. Milk paint is also ideal for creating a antique look or crackle finish.  Fun, easy and safe for you and the planet. Easy on Earth. Easy on You.



Environmentally Friendly, Non-Toxic Paint

ab-seal-horizontal-blackMilk paint is an 100% organic, environmentally friendly, no VOC, child friendly paint and is ideal for antique furniture, decks, floors and walls. You can mix it with pigment powders or other milk paint colors to create just about any color you can imagine. We also offer paint remover, crackle, tung oil, Citrus Solvent (a natural replacement for mineral spirits and paint thinner), oil for butcher block, and a host of other earth-friendly products. Explore our paint colors here.

We developed our recipe in our antique restoration business based on the need for authentic product in a traditional color palette to give a fantastic wood finish. Real Milk Paint® is our own exclusive formula made from all organic materials including powdered purified casein, lime and pigments. It’s a natural paint and is not repackaged from another company, or simulated milk. Our powdered formula will remain usable for a minimum of a two-week period after being mixed with water. Other milk paints have a shorter life and congeal (gel) to a blob allowing only one day to use the mixed paint before being forced to discard the remainder.

Milk paint was originally made from all organic raw materials, curdled milk, lime, and pigment. Black pigment may have been derived from coal, soot, or charcoal. Red color comes from the earth’s crust or a crushed brick. Yellow Ochre harvested from the earth. Our pigments today are harvested in the traditional manner and are completely safe, eco-friendly, non-toxic, lead-free and not radioactive. We make ours from purified milk protein, lime, natural fillers and pigment. Other paint companies choose to use Kaolin Clay as filler. Real Milk Paint® does not contain Kaolin Clay which can be derived from radioactive clays. Our organic paint comes in a water soluble powder and does not contain solvents (Zero V.O.C. = No Volatile Organic Compounds). Our Formula contains almost one third pharmaceutical grade high calcium lime. One of the curing properties of lime is that it goes through a process call carbonization. This means that it absorbs carbon dioxide from the air, thus giving you cleaner indoor air quality when used on interior walls. That’s right, it will REDUCE CARBON EMISSIONS that contribute to Global Warming, while looking great and purifying your air. Great indoors, it can also be used outdoors, further reducing carbon dioxide emissions.

Milk paint (casein paint) has been in use for hundreds of years. Documentation shows early 16th century painters recognized milk paint as having “much tenacity” along with giving a great wood finish. Our colors have been derived from more than 15 years of experience restoring and observing antique paint finishes of fine furniture.

Our powdered paint system allows you to control the viscosity of the paint. Just add water to make a thick paint or more water to make a wash coat. Real Milk Paint® will not congeal to an unusable blob by the next day, but will remain usable for 2 weeks to a month. The richness of colors, combined with the dry flat look, is unmatched by modern paints. It’s also virtually odorless during application and while drying. All of our colors can be intermixed to create your own custom shades. Use it to create an antique look with a slightly streaky finish right off the brush. Our milk paint doesn’t flow out after application like a latex paint, the brush marks and or roller marks will remain part of the textured surface. This lends to a more genuine wood finish. Our paint does have a textured feel to the dry paint but can be easily sanded for a smoother result. Being porous, it will breathe and allow the exchange of moisture. For high traffic areas such as kitchens, a sealer is recommended over the dry milk paint.

Customer Testimonials

I just have to tell you that my real milk paint was delivered today and I decided to paint an antique chest with it tonight – IT LOOKS FABULOUS. I will never use another paint again. Not only does it look great but it felt great to not have to worry about fumes around my 1 year old, and when I rinsed the bowl that I used I didn’t feel guilty knowing the remainder was going into my septic tank. I love this stuff and I intend to cover my whole house inside and out with it. Thanks very much.
Sara S.
I have ordered from your company twice now and you do not disappoint. The color selection is fabulous and the milk paint is a dream to work with. The bonding agent works wonders, eliminating the dreaded sanding. Love, love, love the beautiful, tough finish the paint gives, as well as all the sealing products you carry. We’ve now used hemp oil, tung oil and wax. We recently started refinishing furniture to sell and our customers LOVE what these products do. We love both the performance AND terrific customer service. We place our order in the morning, the product is shipped within the hour and we receive it in 2 days!!! That is impressive.
I have been restoring antique furniture and building antique reproductions for over 30 years. Back in the “old days”, I used to mix my own milk paint on old recipes when a customer desired a milk paint finish. Up until two years ago, I used a competitor’s brand. Then, I was introduced to “Real Milk Paint” and haven’t used anything since. This product keeps much longer than any other that I have ever used, both the mixed and unmixed product. It also builds better than any other. They have an enormous selection of colors and the quality control is excellent. Dwayne is always most helpful when I have questions and is a terrific source of knowledge. It is a real pleasure to do business with the courteous people at the Real Milk Paint Co.
Craig, Chalfont, Bucks Co., PA