Surfprep Non-Woven Hand Pads

Surfprep Non-Woven Hand Pads


SurfPrep’s Non-woven abrasives, measuring 6″ x 9″, are saturated with the highest quality grains. These hand pads have a very high mineral content (Silicon Carbide or Aluminum Oxide) and maintain the flexibility to sand almost any surface desired. When using these non-woven pads, there is always a consistent cutting action that requires little pressure. Check out the variety of options we have for woodworking, metal, plastics, composites, coatings, etc.

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Surfprep Non-Woven Hand Pads

SPBRN scaledBrown | Coarse | 80 Grit

This brown pad is the most aggressive and heavy-duty non-woven option SurfPrep offers. It is excellent for the removal of heavy rust of metals. It resists loading and can be used wet or dry for a wide range of sanding applications.

SPBLK scaledBlack | Medium | 120 Grit

This black non-woven pad IS versatile for almost any general-purpose sanding and cleaning solution. It can be used for anything from cleaning a BBQ to removing rust.

SPMXS scaledMaroon XS | Very Fine | 320 Grit

Maroon pads have a multitude of uses, from de-fuzzing of white wood to scuff sanding between sealer coats on wood. These are also used in the automotive industry for prepping metal surfaces before paint. The ‘XS’ means 10% ‘extra spray’ of Aluminum Oxide on the pad. This pad will outlast our original non-woven hand pad because of the extra minerals sprayed.

SPGRYGrey XS | Ultra Fine | 800 Grit

This high-grit silicon carbide hand pad is perfect for scuffing automotive fillers and matting car paint. Can also be used for wood waxing and scuff sanding when wiping stain. The ‘XS’ means 10% ‘extra spray’ of Silicon Carbide on the pad which outlasts pads that don’t have extra spray.