Real Milk Paint Brushes

Ensure you have the right tools for projects that utilize Real Milk Paint Co. products with our selection of brushes. Whether you need chip brushes for burnishing recessed details or foam rollers to add smooth texture to walls, our selection of brushes for milk paint has you covered. Use high-quality brushes from our Blue Tip line to achieve professional-grade results that hold up well to time and use. Simple foam brushes work great for large and small projects alike, helping you create smooth, even coats, even on a budget. For added convenience, most brushes for milk paint also work well with other Real Milk Paint Co. products.

Chip Brushes for Milk Paint

Apply base coats with ease by using chip brushes perfect for use with Real Milk Paint. A variety of sizes ensures you have suitable tools for everything from reaching into tight spaces such as recessed detailing to adding large swathes of milk paint to the sides of furniture like dressers or armoires. The natural bristles hold an ample supply of paint for every stroke, clean up easily after projects and are long-lasting.

Curved handles make these brushes for milk paint comfortable to hold while you work, and holes on the handles let you easily mount them on pegboards for fuss-free storage. Though perfectly suited for covering surfaces with Real Milk Paint, these chip brushes also work great for applying other Real Milk Paint Co. media, including Half & Half, Soft Wax, and Chippy Paste.

Foam Brushes and Rollers

Make short work of painting walls with our foam rollers. Equally well-suited to coating floors with our Half & Half Tung Oil, these brushes for milk paint boast a 9-inch width that provides lots of coverage with every roll. The durable foam allows easy cleaning after use for extended utility in your decorating and restoration projects. Foam brushes in several essential sizes offer economic options for getting a smooth look on a budget. In addition to use with Real Milk Paint, these versatile foam brushes also apply our water-based clear finishes with ease and hold up well to use with finishing creams, oils and glazes, as well as oil varnish and Citrus Solvent.

Blue Tip Brushes

Treat yourself to a high-quality brush ideal for frequent use with our line of Blue Tip brushes for milk paint. Featuring natural hog hair bristles with split tips, these professional-grade paintbrushes hold lots of paint for excellent coverage and provide a thin, even coat with every stroke for streak-free finished results. Strong, flat handles made from beechwood readily endure meticulous use while up-cycling garage sale finds, and an indentation near the middle provides a place to rest your thumb for comfortable extended use. Blue Tip Brushes from The Real Milk Paint Co. come in three convenient sizes for a variety of tasks, including painting, waxing, and glazing.

Paint and Glazing Brushes

Achieve smooth finishes and glazes with our round and oval paint and glazing brushes. Available in three sizes, these high-end Italian brushes offer long-term endurance with proper care, making them a great investment for professionals who require superior tools. Oval options facilitate smooth blending to create a beautifully uniform finish, and the round option allows quick, smooth strokes with lots of coverage to speed up application times. Rely on the flat curved wood handles for a stress-free grip and excellent durability.