While modern polyurethane, lacquer and varnish products provide a nice seal, nothing beats the look and protection you get when you use old-fashioned paste wax on wood projects. Formulations by The Real Milk Paint Co. take the beautiful look and long-term endurance of woodwork waxing even further with high-quality wood paste wax products containing all-natural ingredients, most of which are also safe for food contact. Before deciding if paste wax may work for your intended application, though, consider if the material you’re working with and how products from The Real Milk Paint Co. can help them look their best.

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Paste Wax for Wood Surfaces

Paste wax typically contains natural ingredients for both reliability and eco-friendliness. Many of our formulations combine oils with natural waxes, including walnut oil, beeswax, odorless mineral spirits and carnauba wax, creating mediums with no-to-low volatile organic compounds that enable fuss-free use in enclosed spaces. Designed for application with a cotton cloth, cheesecloth or our oval paint and glazing brushes, paste wax works its magic best with thinly applied layers and lots of buffing. Once dry, however, our paste waxes stay put and require little maintenance.

Paste Wax Uses

Whether you’re protecting a new woodworking project, refinishing a garage sale piece or needing a wax finish for butcher blocks or cutting boards, paste finishing wax products by The Real Milk Paint Co. offer something suitable for your needs. Our paste finishing wax projects work equally well on a piece of furniture as on hardwood floors, making them a go-to medium for experienced woodworkers who want reliable results no matter the project. So just what makes our paste waxes so special? Aside from their variety of uses and range of benefits, our paste waxes offer a sustainable way to preserve and protect wood furniture, decor and crafts.

Benefits of Paste Wax

Sustainability and eco-friendliness aside, paste waxes offer woodworkers a range of benefits. Since the formulations dry hard, smearing typically isn’t an issue with paste wax, and it doesn’t harm other sealants in place for added versatility in use. Though paste wax doesn’t provide much in the way of protection from heat or alcohol, it does help fill in scratches and dings to improve the look of damaged furnishings. In fact, you can use our paste waxes in place of furniture polish to beautify existing pieces without buildup and preserve the appearance of antiques without compromising their original finish.

Types of Paste Wax

Paste waxes by The Real Milk Paint Co. come in a range of formulations and colors, from clear formulations made with all-natural ingredients to tinted options that help fill in scuffs and abrasions. Before starting your woodworking project, get to know our paste waxes and choose the one that’s right for the wood you’re using.

Soapstone Sealer

Soapstone Sealer and Wood WaxDesigned to protect soapstone and other stone-like surfaces, this all-natural paste wax works especially well on kitchen countertops thanks to its food contact-safe, vegan-friendly formulation. Having no VOCs makes our Soapstone Sealer pleasant to use, whether you’re using it on concrete, soapstone or slate. Also, this wax is easy to maintain making your glamorous countertops last through the years. For added convenience, this nonfading paste finishing wax also helps with buffing out and protecting rusty metal surfaces.

Wood Wax

Crafted to seal and protect wooden surfaces, Wood Wax from the Real Milk Paint Co boasts the perfect qualities for use on butcher block, cutting boards, charcuterie boards, and all other types of wooden objects. Made without solvents or petroleum derived ingredients like mineral oil, this wax is food contact safe, vegan, and nontoxic. It’s a perfect way to condition your cutting board, polish turned bowls, or seal your favorite carved spoon.

Zero VOC Wax

Add soft color to raw wood or bare wood surfaces covered in Real Milk Paint with our Zero VOC Wax. Similar to our Soapstone Sealer and Wood Wax, this all-natural wood paste wax comes in Chestnut Brown and Warm Black to imbue your DIY pieces with warmth and an air of timeless beauty. This wood wax applies easily with a dry cloth and wipes away just as effortlessly, ensuring fuss-free use in any number of home decor projects. Like the clear version, this wood wax boasts a nontoxic formulation containing all-natural ingredients, including walnut oil, beeswax and pigments.

Clear Carnauba Wax

The perfect companion for projects painted with Real Milk Paint, our Clear Carnauba Wax dries to a high sheen without tackiness or stickiness for an attractive final result. This fuss-free paste wax goes on with just a bit of buffing, forming a hard layer of protection between your furnishings and everyday wear and tear. Clear Carnauba Wax works best on large surfaces that need a hint of luster to bring out their natural beauty, and it comes in 16-ounce containers that cover up to 150 square feet for economical use.

Good Ol’ Brown Wax

Good Ol' Brown Wax wood finishingGood Ol’ Brown Wax features a carnauba wax formulation that goes on smoothly, boosting the luster and sheen of faded finishes with just a little buffing. The brown coloring fills in scratches and dings to keep frequently used furnishings looking their best, and it works equally well on surfaces covered with chalk paints and milk paints such as Real Milk Paint. Additionally, if you’re looking for a paste wax ideally suited to sprucing up hardwood floors, Good Ol’ Brown Wax fills the bill.

Soft Wax

Soft Wax by The Real Milk Paint Co. offers a versatile way to protect and preserve furnishings. Available in clear, white, dark brown, ebony and grey, Soft Wax boasts a flexible formulation that includes both beeswax and carnauba wax for a furniture paste wax that doesn’t have harsh solvent smells. While Soft Wax dries to a matte finish, it has a long working time so you can get projects just right. The darker hues also work well when you wish to add an aged look to new, upcycled or antique pieces, allowing you to add a hint of patina to edges and crevices with ease.

Myland’s Wax

Made with furniture restoration in mind, Myland’s Wax combines beeswax with carnauba and shellac wax in a toluene-free carrier for safe use on interior wood and over most any wood finish. This paste wax offers lasting luster and enhances the look of your wood grain, making it a great choice for preserving and maintaining antiques and distressed furnishings. Unlike other wood paste waxes by The Real Milk Paint Co., Myland’s Wax does contain turpentine and requires adequate ventilation for application. The clear paste wax formula is a great choice for almost any wood tone, while the Antique Brown version works great on darker woods like oak. Mahogany Brown Myland’s Wax has rich, warm tones suitable for restoring cherry and mahogany furnishings, while the Antique Pine formulation brings depth and tone to lighter wood projects.

How to Apply Paste Wax to Wood

image of protective finish of a waxed surfaceOur paste wax has a soft formulation that’s simple to work into wood, no matter if you’re using it to refinish a piece or as a replacement for furniture polish. If you’re using it as a sealant, you need to sand the surface lightly first to ensure the paste wax gets deep into the grain. But if you’re using paste wax as a polish, you simply need to clean the piece well before you get started.

Gather up the paste wax you plan to use plus several soft cotton cloths or cheesecloths. Rub the cloth into the paste wax to pull out a small amount, then rub the paste wax in a circular motion onto your chosen surface. Work with small amounts of paste wax until you cover the entire surface well, focusing on the wood grain.

When the paste wax dries to a hazy finish ( 20 to 30 minutes ), grab a clean cloth and begin buffing it off the surface, then wipe away any leftover wax with another clean cloth. If you want to add multiple coats, it works best to wait 24 hours in between to give the wood a chance to absorb the previous layer. Keep in mind that paste wax is a soft protective wax that will need to be maintained with new coats in the future . Protecting and preserving wood furnishings is simple when you use wood paste waxes by The Real Milk Paint Co. Big on fashion and function and low on odor, our formulations help you bring out the best in both old and new home decor.