Whether you’re looking for the perfect protective wood finishing oil for your latest painting project, to preserve the integrity of older work, or want to add a special touch to a treasured piece of furniture, Real Milk Paint’s wood finishing oils are an excellent choice popular among many woodworkers. Depending on the type of finish you’re looking for, you can choose from our:

  • Pure tung oil or Dark tung oil
  • Natural citrus solvent or half-and-half citrus solvent and tung oil
  • Hemp oil

wood oils from Real Milk Paint


Pure tung oil or China wood oil, has been trusted for thousands of years as a water-resistant wood finish. After drying time, this wood oil finish forms a protective final coat over the top of the wooden surface to which it’s been applied. Tung oil can be used as a topcoat over paint or as a finishing oil, making it great for projects like dining table tops, kitchen tables, cabinetry, floors, doors, bowls (Tung oil is FDA approved as food safe), butcher blocks, and cutting boards, and can even be used on brick and concrete. Sanding wood between coats with wet-dry sandpaper can result in an extra smooth and rich finish after the wood oil completely dries.


Real Milk Paint’s dark tung oil is similar to our regular tung oils, except that it has a natural and non-toxic resin added to the mix that brings depth to wood grain and enhances the wood’s natural beauty. It also creates a dark, matte finish that results in a classic aged and antique look. Dark tung oil has all the same great features as our regular tung oil, so it’s ideal for all the same types of projects. It also doesn’t yellow as much over time as some other wood oil finishes such as boiled linseed oil, nitrocellulose lacquer or varnishes like polyurethane.


If you’re looking for natural wood oils and VOC-free finishes, hemp oil is a fantastic oiling choice. Hemp Oil is very popular when it comes to sealing over milk paint for furniture refinishers.  It requires no thinning, has a pleasant nutty aroma, and has a color that varies from light green to a golden yellow. Like tung oil, hemp oil dries to a matte finish and can be used on bare wood or as a finish on top of the paint.


Our natural citrus solvent is an environmentally friendly product that can be used as a paint thinner alternative, in place of mineral spirits, and as a degreaser. Our solvent is made from pure orange peel extract and less than 2%  water and doesn’t contain the additives or surfactants found in traditional paint thinners.


Before being applied, tung oil and other wood oils should be thinned out to ensure the best coverage and penetration. But getting the ratio right can be difficult, which is why we started bottling the perfect natural oil and citrus solvent mixture for protecting wood. We call it our Half & Half. This blend is ideal for:

  • Coating, sealing and protecting all types of wood from wear and water, as well as UV protection.
  • Bringing out wood’s natural look
  • Deepening the natural wood color


Traditional finishes are not enough, you need food-grade wood oils for cutting boards and other wooden kitchen utensils. Protecting wooden kitchen and bar items is easier when they have a Cutting Board Oil finish.

Formulated to prep cutting boards for use and help with regular maintenance, our Cutting Board Oil uses 100% plant-based ingredients for reliable food-contact safety, eschewing mineral oils derived from petroleum and creating an eco-friendly finishing option in an easy-to-use bottle that’s simple to keep close at hand. Use our deep-penetrating Cutting Board Oil on different types of wood surfaces in your kitchen, including utensils, charcuterie boards, and wooden bowls, to achieve an attractive yet protective hand-rubbed low-luster finish that showcases the grain of your wood.


Another great application for these penetrating wood oil finishes is to seal over Real Milk Paint. These natural oils effectively absorb into and through the milk paint, keeping the matte finish, and seal the paint so that it will repel water and won’t rub off. Using wood oil like this is a classic technique for Windsor chairmakers.

It’s worth noting that using a finishing oil over milk paint will result in a color shift. Pure Tung Oil and Half & Half will make colors more saturated and deeper when fully dried. When applied to a lighter-colored surface, these oils will add an amber hue. Hemp Oil will also change colors to be more saturated and deeper. But, when applied over lighter colors it dries virtually clear.

Our wood oils for sale are in stock to protect your kitchen surfaces, furniture, spoon carving projects, green woodworking, and other enjoyable projects. All of our milk paint colors and finishes are guaranteed to be of the highest quality and environmentally friendly.

hardwoods around the house varnished with Real Milk paint wood oil finishes