Our Story

Our story begins in a small, blue, Pennsylvania barn. That’s where the vision for the Real Milk Paint Co. was born. Our founder, Dwayne Siever, started off refinishing antique pieces of furniture back to their original, historical finish. The finish on the pieces that came into his shop was carefully researched and renovated so that their true character would not be lost through time. It was during this process that he found that modern-day paints just didn’t have the same look, texture, and feel as the paints used on the pieces coming into his care. Why was this? Well, glad you asked. The reason modern-day paints couldn’t mimic what was originally used on the antiques was that it was not the same paint. They used milk paint.

After this realization, Dwayne began creating his own small batches of milk paint using traditional, natural ingredients to get back to the roots of the paint. Soon, more and more people were curious about this historical paint. He began making larger batches, and more colors, to meet the needs of the craftsmen around him. In 1995, the Real Milk Paint Co. was launched with a line of ten Real Milk Paint® colors.

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Since our humble beginnings, we have grown and relocated! Now located in the heartland of Tennessee, we manufacture 56 unique colors of Real Milk Paint® using only the best, natural ingredients. We are still a family-owned small business with a unified mission to provide finishing products that make living easier on the earth, easier on you. We are committed to producing only the highest quality products, backed by that local, down-the-street hardware store kind of customer service.

That’s our story, we can’t wait to see how you become part of it!


We were honored to be featured by the University of Tennessee Center For Industrial Services. The Made In Tennessee program highlights manufacturers across the Volunteer State to support, promote, celebrate, and raise awareness of the products they produce.

Meet The Team


Founder | CEO | Mastermind

This is the man who started it all! It was his entreprenurial spirit that brought the Real Milk Paint Co. into existence. He wears many hats here (literally!) and is constantly looking for ways to improve our products and services.

RMPCo.Team Portraits Dwayne 2019 1
RMPCo.Team Portraits Beth 2019


Plant Manager | CFO | Operations

Beth is the main support for the daily operations of Real Milk Paint Co. She makes sure that the connection between the factory and office is seamless and running smoothly. She loves to bring in new foods to have the team try on our weekly Friday lunches. From falafels to homemade tomato bread there’s always something new to eat together!


Marketing Director | Creative Designer | Social Media Manager

Shane is the second generation to work in this family business. He is the “multi-tool” and is involved in multiple avenues of the business. From website design to content creation and social media, he works every day to elevate the brand of Real Milk Paint Co. 

RMPCo.Team Portraits Shane 2019
RMPCo.Team Portraits Tonya 2019


Order Fulfillment | Customer Service

Tonya is the person who makes sure your order gets fulfilled and sent out to you on time! She also answers the phones to help customers find the right product, troubleshoot, or anything else that may come up. Her love is music and so she frequently enjoys spending time in the nearby Music City of Nashville!


Inventory Fulfillment | Order Fulfillment

Jeremy helps in manufacturing our products and making sure they keep with the quality you deserve. He works every day to make sure the rest of the team has the products available to complete their jobs. His favorite pastime is to look for arrowheads in the local outdoors! He often brings his finds into work to share with the team!

RMPCo.Team Portraits Jeremy 2019
RMPCo.Team Portraits Carolyn 2022


Inventory Fulfillment | Order Fulfillment

Carolyn has an integral part of the team here at RMPCo. She ensures that the shelves are filled with products so that orders can be packed and shipped as soon as possible. When the shelves are full, she takes on getting orders out the door in an efficient yet carefully executed way. She enjoys running and makes some amazing zucchini bread!


Customer Support | Wholesale Rep

Sarah has all the answers! Well, maybe not all the answers, but she knows where to find answers to burning questions to help our customers make sure their projects are a success. Outside of supporting our customers with next-level service, she also aids our Wholesale Partners. She and her family love the outdoors and live off-grid here in Middle Tennessee.

RMPCo.Team Portraits Sarah 2023
RMPCo.Team Portraits Josh 2021


Inventory Fulfillment | Order Fulfillment

Josh helps with manufacturing Real Milk Paint® and ensuring that our products meet the quality you deserve. Josh always comes to work with a smile on his face and is ready to help in any way he can. He makes sure the flow of products never stops so that shelves can be stocked and orders can be shipped without delay. Josh loves the great outdoors and spending time with his two children.