Anti-Foaming Agent

Anti-Foaming Agent

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Anti – Foam will reduce or eliminate foaming and bubbling in our non-toxic paint, enabling easier mixing and application. 2 oz. bottle.

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Product Description


Anti-Foam Agent by The Real Milk Paint Company is a food-grade additive used to reduce foam formation and improve the smoothness of your paint. It can be used when necessary to control the foamy head on Real Milk Paint®. Just like milk blended into a cappuccino, ® will sometimes develop a foamy head when strongly agitated. Anti – Foam will reduce or eliminate foaming and bubbling in our non-toxic paint, enabling easier mixing, application and surface coatings. Anti-Foam will help the powder pigments disperse more easily into the water; some of the pigment powder colors such as “Salmon” and “Bright Red” tend to float on the water, making mixing and homogeneity difficult. Anti-Foam will break surface tension to allow faster mixing and the proper texture of paint for application. As a side benefit it will also make your paint or coating formulations smoother.

Antifoams for wood paint

Our anti-foam control is used to help prevent bubbles from forming on the surface of wood paint or what is called surface foam. When air is trapped between layers of paint it can cause unsightly bumps, cracks or surface defects that are difficult to remove. Anti-foam control agents have air-release agents designed to reduce this problem by allowing entrapped air to escape more easily, resulting in a smoother and more uniform finish. Our antifoam can be added directly to your Real Milk Paint mixture or coating formulation. For added protection, use a sealant after you have finished painting to provide an extra layer of protection against moisture and dirt. With the right antifoam for wood paint, you’ll have beautiful results that last.

Directions for Use

  1. First, mix Real Milk Paint® powder with water, following written instructions.
  2. Mildly agitate mechanically with a stir stick or using the provided marble and shaking technique.
  3. After mixing well, add 2-4 drops of Anti-Foam per pint of paint.
  4. Stir into solution and watch the bubbles dissipate.
  5. When used in recommended amounts, Anti-Foam will not negatively affect adhesion of paint to surfaces.

Download the Anti-Foaming Agent SDS here.