Butcher Block Oil

Butcher Block Oil is a food contact safe oil to seal and protect your wooden food preparation items such as butcher block countertops and wood cutting boards. In addition to protecting your kitchen surfaces, it also creates a beautiful flat finish while bringing out the natural colors of the wood. All-natural and FDA-approved for food content.

We recommend using our Half & Half or Dark Half which create the most beautiful wood finish available. Both wood oils are all-natural, and food-contact safe. If you decide to use just Pure Tung Oil you’ll want to use a solvent along with it. Citrus solvent keeps things food-safe and smelling great. Either way, you can’t go wrong and you’ll protect butcher block.


Finding a great butcher block oil may not be the first thing on your to-do list when you’re fitting your dream kitchen or replacing an old cutting board, but perhaps it should be. How you choose to finish your work-in-progress could have a major impact on how you cook, clean, and live for years to come.

The answer to safe surfaces your entire family can enjoy? Real Milk Paint has the best butcher block oil and is your most natural option to protect and rejuvenate your wooden kitchen surfaces.


Why is your choice in butcher block oil so important? Simple: Your countertops and cutting boards can take a beating. From vigorously kneading some homemade pizza dough to breaking down a slab of wild-caught salmon to chopping enough veggies for several batches of your signature minestrone soup, your daily cook-and-clean routine is anything but gentle. You need a work surface that can withstand the culinary onslaught and welcome repeated wipe downs as well.

You could opt for the cold, contemporary look of stainless steel or spring for granite, stone or tile, but the warmth of wood is undeniable. There’s something homey about using natural materials in the most trafficked room in your home. The trick? Keeping that look intact no matter how many sugar cookies you roll out and cut over the holidays.

For protecting and enhancing your butcher’s block, wooden countertops, kitchen island, cutting boards, and wooden dishes, salad bowls and utensils, our butcher block oil is durable and will not wear.

All of the Oil’s listed below are recommended and safe to use on your butcher’s block!

Pure Tung Oil

All natural and FDA approved for food contact, Pure Tung Oil is one of the best oils for butcher block. It is a hard drying wood oil that enhances the natural color of the wood while providing a beautiful finish. This oil has no additives or metallic dryers in it, so its safe for you and your family. For an all natural wood oil for cutting boards and butcher block, buy a bottle of Pure Tung Oil today.

Dark Tung Oil

For a deep, natural color to your butcher block and countertops, rely on Dark Tung Oil. Our oils are all natural and food safe. This means you are able to add depth to your wood grain, without harmful chemicals. Dark Tung Oil is non-carcinogenic and does not contain any PCB’s.


Half and Half

Our Half & Half Oil is perfect for protecting cutting boards, countertops, and other forms of butcher block because it is all natural and food grade safe. The one to one ratio of citrus solvent to pure tung oil allows for the oil to soak into the surface, making it great for large and small projects alike!


Dark Half

Our perfectly blended Dark Half is made of our Dark Tung Oil and our natural Citrus Solvent. Not only will this oil bring out the rich tones and wood grain, but it will also give a beautiful aged look to countertops, butcher block, cutting boards, and more.