The weekend offers you time to sit back, relax and enjoy yourself.  It’s also good for getting projects done that have been begging for your attention.  However, relaxing and completing big woodworking projects don’t always go hand-in-hand.

Take staining a deck for instance.

Before applying various wood finishes to a deck, you have to clean the deck. This means you need to prepare more than your basic woodworking tools, you need to get out the power washer, getting in the cracks of hard-to-reach areas and waiting for perfect weather conditions for staining.  If the sun’s too hot after you clean the deck, you have to wait.  Covering a stained deck with a tarp is often unrealistic.

The bottom line is this: a big DIY projects like staining a deck is not a task you want to complete after a long week at work, or just a long week in general.  You want to look for fun, smaller woodworking projects that you can complete within just a few hours, things that feel more like hobbies than intensive labor DIY projects. Leave the more complicated projects when you got vacation days.

Today we’re going to give you some weekend woodworking projects to consider that won’t strain your back or require too much effort.  These are weekend woodworking projects you can actually enjoy.

So relax, get your favorite tung oil or paint and forget about your worries.  It’s the weekend and here are some project plans for you!!

Woodworking Project #1: Improve Your Home’s First Impression

best woodworking projects to get done over the weekends

That’s right.  It’s time to give the front of your house a makeover.

But wait, you’re thinking.  I thought these were small weekend woodworking projects.

And they are.  What we’re talking about is your front door.

If you have a wooden front door that’s looking a little sun worn, think about giving your front door a makeover to test your artistic and woodworking skills.  As the focal point of the front of your house, improving its vibrancy can work wonders.  People will look at your home in an entirely new way.

If you have a power washer, don’t be afraid to use it after removing any paint or previous wood finishes.  What makes this project fun and enjoyable is the opportunity it gives you to sit down and relax.  Simply remove the door from its hinges and set it down on some low table saw horses.  After that, pull up a chair and get to work.  Sit out in the sun, in your shop with your power tools … anywhere you want.  This is your time.

Woodworking Project #2: Refurbish Your Guns with Wooden Stocks

beginner projects like refurbishing your gun wood stuck

Our next project, fits perfectly if you’re a veteran or firearm enthusiast. You probably love guns and there’s a good chance you have some guns with wooden stocks that have been neglected for a few years.  Which is fine.  We all forget about items we don’t use on a regular basis.  However, this coming weekend is your chance to restore them to new.

After sanding and removing any dirt and grime, dilute our Tung oil finish to a 1:1 mixture ratio using Citrus Solvent.  This will leave your gun’s stock with a clean, no-gloss finish.

The next time you go out to shoot, take your old gun with you.  You may just fall in love with it all over again.

Woodworking Project #3: Paint Your Wooden Patio Furniture

weekend woodworking projects to sharpen your woodworking skills

With the environmentally friendly paint from Real Milk paint, you can reinvent your patio furniture as your next project.  Whether you haven’t painted it since buying it or are just in the mood for a different color, painting an item like a chair or table can be incredibly therapeutic.

What’s great about our paint is that you can mix different pigments with it to discover the exact color you want.  This mixing process can also be fun.  During the process, many people come across unsuspecting colors that end up becoming their favorite.

Sanding, mixing, staining and painting.  On a beautiful weekend day, there’s nothing quite better.

No matter what your woodworking skills level, there are many weekend woodworking projects that you can try to enjoy the weekend. It can be as little as fixing your chair’s wooden legs or finishing a simple wall shelf. So, get your tools out and get your woodworking journey started today!