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REAL Inspirations is a new feature on the Real Milk Paint website. It’s our on-going project spotlight showcasing inspiring creative project ideas you can use with Real Milk Paint environmentally friendly products.

The Real Milk Paint line of paints, pigment powders, tung oil, natural mineral spirits and other earth friendly products provide everything you need for your next green project. Whether it’s your walls, furnishings, or décor, we’ve got you covered.

At Real Milk Paint, we’ve got a lot of great project ideas, but we’d love to see yours! Contact us with your project idea and photos. If we use your project, you’ll win a $50.00 gift certificate.

Spring Green Kitchen Ideas

Warming temperatures and peeks of sunshine have homeowners thinking about spring home improvements. On our menu, we’ve got some eco-friendly ideas that will provide an updated look for your kitchen and dining area. Real Milk Paint’s earth friendly products and non toxic paint selections are the ideal choice for any living space, but provide added safety assurance for eating and food prep areas.
Looking at 2011 home style trends, we have selected three green ideas for kitchen updates involving cabinets, flooring, and kitchen islands. The latest design ideas are all about green concepts and earth friendly ideas. These projects focus on reusing good materials by freshening up finishes and doing some creative repurposing.

Painted Cabinets
Kitchen cabinets are not typically replaced because they are worn out or damaged. Usually cabinets are refaced or replaced because they are dated, dark, or don’t work with a desired decorating scheme. New trends show painted cabinetry is highly popular, with designers selecting white, gray, or light earth tones. For a non toxic paint that provides beautiful results, Real Milk Paint can be mixed in a broad range of color pigments. Green paint applied to cabinets and cabinetry surfaces is an earth friendly alternative to replacement or having cabinets refaced. A popular look is the easy access, open shelf approach, which is achieved by simply leaving the cabinet doors off of the cabinets. With cabinet doors and hardware removed, fill holes with wood putty, and paint the cabinetry with your favorite milk paint color. Paint the insides of cabinets with the same or a complimentary color of Real Milk Paint non toxic paint. Re-purpose the cabinet doors in a bedroom by creating a faux headboard for a bed. Simply mount cabinet doors to the wall, side by side to create the look of a headboard behind the bed. Paint them in a shade of Real Milk Paint non toxic paint that compliments linens or other bedroom furnishings.

Reclaimed Wood Floors
A beautiful new trend in flooring is the used of reclaimed wood. This design approach involves rescuing desirable wood from antique structures to be reused in newer applications. While locating reclaimed wood may be a challenge, there are resources online, such as that can help you track down a local source for your project. Once you have your antique wood and are ready to give it new life in your home, Real Milk Paint has a number of earth friendly products for wood cleaning and refinishing, such as Natural Citrus Solvent.

Kitchen Table Island
Another style idea for the kitchen involves converting an existing table into a functional kitchen island. This is a great way to repurpose an antique table and create a one of a kind focal point for the kitchen. The table legs can be removed, or left on as a style element. Cabinets mounted beneath the table create storage capacity. To customize the island, finish surfaces using Real Milk Paint Tung Oil, or use Real Milk Paint non toxic paint to incorporate color. For the island/table top, use food grade Soapstone Sealer and Wood Wax.

New paint color inspired by Stillwater Cove fog:

Soon, any house in the world can have a touch of Pebble Beach.That’s because a new paint color said to capture the essence of Stillwater Cove fog is on the way.It all came about through a unique partnership with a company that creates nontoxic paint products. The Real Milk Paint Co., based in Tennessee, will be offering Stillwater Cove Grey as the newest shade in its color chart.

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