Soapstone Sealer Success

Just wanted to thank you for your advice about the Soapstone Sealer and Wood Wax. Used it on our recent kitchen refurb and the results were excellent. Following the advice of another poster I did a couple of initial treatments, waited a week and then did a final one. I’ve enclosed photos of the results. I applied the product waited 30 minutes and then buffed. I added an extra step of using a small electric had buffer the next day to finish it. The feel after a day is great, not oily or waxy. Just feels like stone. By the way I also used it exclusively on the travertine backsplash tiles you see in the photos. I saw someone post a question about using it on travertine and discussed it with you. The results are spectacular. I’ve enclosed a photo that shows a Tuscany Gold tile with and without the soapstone sealer. This did take a little extra effort as I treated each tile by hand before they were set on the wall. I did two coats, each a day apart with buffing and polishing. Then waited several days for the finish to dry completely before installation. I actually enjoyed hand polishing each tile as I do the soapstone. In the end the tiles were so nice we used them without any grout or any other sealer. This might not work in a bathroom or floor situation but worked well as backsplash. I love the fact that there are no chemicals used in the kitchen just your all natural product which complements the organic natural look of the kitchen.

Mario Acerra