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Wood Wax Cases

Wood Wax Cases

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Do you make and sell wooden wares and want to include a touch-up product for your clients? Then our Wood Wax Cases are perfect for you! Want to know more or purchase a single jar? Simply go to our main Wood Wax page.

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Product Description

Finish off raw wood handmade furnishings with a beautiful shine by using Wood Wax from the Real Milk Paint Co. This 100% natural wax made from plant-based materials makes a great choice for kitchen items, and it’s also eco-friendly for added peace of mind when used on surfaces your family uses daily.

Wood Wax provides the shine of wax and the long-term water protection of oil for versatility in use. Perfect for use on any raw wood furniture or decor, this wood salve also helps preserve and protect cutting boards and butcher blocks. Easy application and smooth coverage make this wood butter simple to use.

Best applied on raw wood, this wood salve requires only clean cloths for application to make the process fast and simple. When you want a natural shine that lasts, this wood butter fills the bill.

Safe for Use on Food-Contact Surfaces

Feel good about finishing kitchen items with Wood Wax from the Real Milk Paint Co. Safe for food-contact surfaces, this nontoxic wood salve has a 100% natural formulation that includes plant-based walnut oil and carnauba wax, providing a vegan finishing option for everyday items such as wooden bowls and spoons.

Ideal for Maintenance

In addition to finishing raw wood, Wood Waxes also works great for maintaining items you’ve already finished with it. For instance, it serves particularly well as a cutting board wax, allowing you to refresh this kitchen staple quickly and easily. Simply apply it with a clean cloth to projects when you need to refresh and rejuvenate their previous sheen.

“Can I use Wood Wax over products like your Milk Paint, Half & Half, Dark Half, Pure Tung Oil, Hemp Oil, Dark Tung Oil, etc?”
Yes! We recommend allowing the products mentioned above to fully dry before applying Wood Wax on the treated surface. For Real Milk Paint, 24-48 hours would be sufficient. For finishing oils, the full 30 days is necessary.

“Can I use this over a surface already treated with another finish?”
Yes and no as it depends on the finish. If the surface was previously treated with a mineral-oil finish, that finish will need to be removed before applying Wood Wax. (We recommend hot water and soap or our Citrus Solvent to remove the mineral oil.) If the surface has an oil-based stain, water-based stain, or Real Milk Paint you can apply the Wood Wax over these.

“It says the Wood Wax requires 15-30 days to fully cure, is there any way I can speed up that process?”
One of the best ways to decrease the curing time is to put the treated items in a warm environment. Professionals or those using Wood Wax for batch cutting boards, bowls, spoons, etc often use a lightbulb kiln to quickly cure the wax. This small space, low-heat solution passively cures the wax at a much quicker rate. Our manufacturing process also involves heating the walnut oil/carnauba wax. This heating process helps push the walnut oil to polymerize quicker.

“Is there a risk of walnut oil going rancid?”
Because walnut oil is a drying oil, meaning it transforms from an oil to a solid through a polymerization process, it does not run the risk of going rancid. If the oil were to “spoil” it would simply turn hard.

“One of the ingredients is ‘walnut oil’ aren’t you concerned about allergic reactions?”
While it is impossible to rule out the possibility of an allergic reaction, there is good evidence to suggest that the walnut oil in Wood Wax won’t provoke a reaction. First, walnut oil is not high in proteins, which are the typical culprits for reactions. Walnut Oil is also a polymerizing/drying oil. Most allergens are caused by oils that do not polymerize/dry. When the oil is polymerized/dry the proteins are no longer active. The use of heating during the manufacturing process of Wood Wax causes the walnut oil to polymerize faster. This heating of the walnut oil (polymerized walnut oil) is also thought to reduce the risk of allergic reactions. We recommend each customer consult their physician if they have an allergy concern before use of Wood Wax.

What its made of

We believe in being honest with what is in our products. So, that’s why we provide the ingredients used in them so you can rest assured knowing exactly what’s in the product you purchase from us. It’s just a way we make it easier on you.

Wood Wax is made of

  • Walnut Oil – FDA approved for food contact View document.
  • T1 Carnauba Wax – Affirmed by the FDA as Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) for direct food contact. View Document