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Greeting Cards with Real Milk Paint


I am a lettering artist and illustrator, and use Real Milk Paint to create my art for greeting cards, notebooks, and other products. Attached are a few examples, you can see more at or on Instagram @campcraftco to see some process shots!

Church Communion Table with Custom Artwork


I recently built a custom communion table for a church. The piece features artwork that is inspired by the fishing boats that sailed the Sea of Galilee in the first centuary. I used various colors of milk paint to faux paint a weathered look for the boat. Blues and white were used to produce the look of waves and surf on the beach. Browns and yellows were used to give the beach and dunes a textured look. And various shades of blue used to give depth to the sky, with whites used to produce billowing clouds.

Wood Quilt


Made of cedar and it’s a 3′ x 3′ quilt pattern that we are going to hang on the outside of the house. The quilt pattern is called “Airplane”. My wife wanted a weathered look and milk paint proved to be just the right thing for that. I enjoyed using your products. Warren Brecheisen See [...]

Scratch Everything


http:/ We paint expressive, original art on conventional wood furniture. We scratch everything on old, forgotten furniture and create a striking, novel design that evocatively reflects your spirit and personal style. Our primary medium is milk paint, or casein, an eco-friendly substance comprising milk, lime, and earth pigments. Milk paint colors are penetrating and luminous; [...]

Art by William Skrips

2018-07-27T11:14:21-05:00 Artist William Skrips says, “Re-using discards and found objects has always had an appeal to me. Not only do I have a penchant for collecting things, but the gratification that comes from giving reclaimed material new life is unique.” He often uses Real Milk Paint in his original and eclectic art pieces. See more [...]



I recently ordered your milk paint and have been using it for art. It is easy to mix, use, and clean up, and the colors are wonderful! I purchased the basic bright red, blue, yellow ochre, black and white and have mixed the other colors I need. Mother Earth Heals is a blog I write [...]

Art by David V. Gonzales


David V. Gonzales is a talented artist working primarily out of Manitou Springs Colorado. He has a natural love of nature and chooses to work with materials that are safe and non-toxic including Real Milk Paint®. Check out David’s work on his Art Page. Eco-friendly Art using milk paint

Art by Heidi Howard


Heidi Howard creates trade and tavern signs in the style of 18th and 19th century New England sign painters. Each sign is handcrafted from 100 to 200 year old boards, painted, lettered by hand, and aged to resemble its antique predecessor. She uses Real Milk Paint® in her paintings, whether it be in historic reproductions [...]

Art by Pamela Richards


I have been learning to use milk paint for portraiture. I use the anti-foaming agent (handy with a beer glaze, but really for all mixing!) and the clear Milk Paint base made by the Real Milk Paint company. The rest is mostly experiment! I love the freedom to mix oil, water, alcohol, etc. and quick-drying [...]