Project Description

I recently ordered your milk paint and have been using it for art. It is easy to mix, use, and clean up, and the colors are wonderful! I purchased the basic bright red, blue, yellow ochre, black and white and have mixed the other colors I need.
Mother Earth Heals is a blog I write that includes information about eco-friendly products. I just posted a blog about the use of your product in my art: “Eco-Art: Wow! I have been having so much fun painting with my new eco-friendly paint on eco-friendly paper!”

I’ve been using it on Rhimax paper, which is 100% recycled, eco-friendly, and porous–just right for the milk paint! From their brochure: “Durable and absorbent, it’s a great solution for banners, posters and torn paper designs, as well as protecting surfaces during craft projects…use as a drop cloth…it absorbs paint and prevents bleed-through.”

I’m envisioning the two companies, Real Milk Paint Co. and Rhimax, promoting each others products as eco-friendly alternatives to toxic paints and plastics.

Thank you again so much for a fantastic, eco-friendly product!

Sincerely, –Liora Leah.