green paint colors, sophisticated wash, nature inspired hues and earthy neutrals are the current paint color trends

Painting furniture with trendy colors helps you keep your home looking up to date while making it simple to switch out hues down the road when styles change. A budget-friendly alternative to buying new furnishings painted furniture also imparts a warm, homey, charming, and cozy appeal to your space and lets you create a streamlined palette throughout your home, especially when you use fashionable milk paint colors from The Real Milk Paint Co.

If you’re considering DIY projects and wondering how to get started on your redecorating journey, knowing the best furniture paint colors for 2023 aids you in picking out hues that best suit your existing home design.

Color of the Year for 2023

Get ready to get bold and adventurous! As forecasted by the nation’s top color experts, bold and playful tones are on their way up in 2023. It will be an era of vibrancy – people looking for creative ways to express themselves and brighten up their lives with a myriad of hues outside the traditional neutrals.

Midtone greens continue to be a global sensation in the home décor industry, as its ability to capture and embody nature’s beauty is unmatched. Homeowners around the world have adopted this natural hue for their living spaces! Let’s find out more about this cool and exciting color. Green is the color of life and is strongly associated with nature. It is described as a fresh and restful color. It is also considered as one of the most versatile and soothing shades of colors. Painting your furniture green will create a peaceful and relaxing vibe in your personal space.

Popular Shades of Green


This color is a warm green earth toned color and is one of the most popular styles.

Emerald Green

This is a bright blue green color that was named after a precious gemstone and provides a hint of royalty.

Sage Green

This is a gray-green color that resembles dry sage leaves. This color looks good with other soothing tones like muted blues, earthy tones and wood tones.

November Rain

This is a very light color with a subtle green. It is considered as a sophisticated and versatile color.

Soft Fern

This is a soft, elegant, light green hue. Will make your DIY project looking fresh and relaxing.

Hancock Green

This is a popular neutral green color that is very subtle that is perfect to make your personal space very calm and serene.

Silken Pine

This color will bring spaces to life for those looking to illuminate their world with pure, exceptional color.

Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Williams and other paint companies voted green as paint color of the year

What is a Color Palette?

A color palette is the full range of colors that is used as a guide in choosing the best color for your DIY project. Learning about the range of colors will enable you to choose the best color for your furniture and personal space. This can also enable you to create combinations of colors  that will give life to your project.

Best Furniture Paint Colors for 2023 and Beyond

No matter the year, the best furniture paint colors for you are the ones that mesh with your artistic vision for your painting project and a blank canvas. With that in mind, we’ve chosen Real Milk Paint color trends that pair beautifully together and stay put over time for hard-wearing durability.

Other reasons to choose Real Milk Paint when you wish to paint furniture include its versatility — it requires no priming or sanding for most projects, and it mixes 1:1 with water so you can whip up as much or as little as you need for the task at hand. Nontoxic, safe for food contact and free of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), milk paints are also very easy to work with in areas with limited room and ventilation.

Monochromatic Palette

Basic black, white, gray and other soft neutrals paired together never go out of style and give your space modern flair. For example, consider refinishing the frame of a worn mid-century modern sofa with our deep black shade, Arabian Night, and using French Gray to spruce up the cushions and back.

Complete the ultra-contemporary design theme by painting furniture like coffee tables and accent chairs with a white hue like Parchment and using softer gray shades like Sage Gray as an elegant complement. Monochromatic paint colors also work well for discreet color-blocked designs when you’re working with wood furniture and want a simple, subdued look that meshes well in offices and lobbies.


Complementary Color Palettes

Complementary color palettes tend to brighten your home decor without overwhelming it, especially when you use shades that split the difference between wild and mild. For instance, try using shades close to each other on the color wheel yet distinctive enough that people notice the variation in hue.

Some Real Milk Paint color palettes that fill the bill when you want a complementary look include Dragonfly and Faded DenimPaprika and Redstone, and Mustard and Sunflower. Using complementary paint colors on inviting blank slate and accent pieces of furniture such as small tables and chairs also help you tone down louder design themes for a more balanced effect.

Bold, Beautiful Paint Hues

When you want to bring all eyes squarely onto a piece of furniture in your room, bold, beautiful paint hues typically do the trick. From intense shades like Flag Red and Blue Lagoon to conspicuous colors like Fresh Lemon and Aqua, Real Milk Paint offers vibrant hues that look amazing on everything from dining room buffets and living room consoles to kitchen cabinets and bedroom dresser makeovers. Try pairing these vivid paint colors with more subdued alternatives such as Stoneware for a high-contrast look or Cheesecake for a hint of softness. Alternatively, go big or go home by teaming up bold hues with each other to make a huge visual impact on entryway decor like hall trees, accent tables and wall mirrors.

Warm, Earthy Paint Shades

Warm, earth tones color trends help you reflect the beauty of the great outdoors in your indoor décor. To capture this aesthetic, ground your overarching decor style in rich brown hues such as Cocoa to mimic the look of tree bark or French Toast when you want a lighter yet still realistic way to refinish a wood piece of furniture.

Warm neutral colors with a yellow, orange, or pink undertones, such as beige, tan, and gold would work well. Deep fall hues such as Blue Spruce, Terra Cotta red and Earth Green make excellent additions to warm, earthy paint palettes, as do softer hues such as Sunflower and Granny Smith Green. While these autumnal colors look especially good on fall-themed decor, they also work well for DIY furniture makeovers like upcycled Adirondack chairs or jazzing up a painted dresser that needs a fresh look.


Marine-Themed Paint Colors

When you want to accent nautical decor themes, consider paint colors that mirror the hues of marine life, lighthouses and sailboats. For example, alternating bands of Beachglass, Deep Sapphire and Soft White let you create a unique curio cabinet paint look that you can distress slightly and use to display figurines that mesh with your nautical aesthetic. Likewise, paint colors like Barn Red, Navy Blue and Lakeview Blue work great for decorating wood oars or signage. Hues with cool undertones like Spearmint or Tropical Shade are useful as backdrops for under-the-sea elements such as rub-on fish transfers or hand-painted coral.


Nice, Neutral Color Palettes

Not every element in your interior design paint project needs to shine on its own, and nice, neutral color trends often prove the best furniture paint when you need to tone down bright or dark shades.

For instance, try light hues like Pearl with soft shades like Willow when you want elegant contrast yet a still unassuming color palette for a bedroom armoire or painted dresser. When refinishing old furniture, the nice, neutral colors often capture fine detailing better than more vivid alternatives, and if you want to accent a piece of furniture with finishing glazes for an antique look, less showy shades like Stillwater Cove Gray and Yellow Rose give those mediums the ideal base. Also, eggshell-like shades such as Honeysuckle go well with virtually any of our 56 colors, making it a great choice to use as a neutral accent hue.


Attractive Top Coats

Even if you decide to paint old furniture or any blank canvas with mediums other than Real Milk Paint, the Real Milk Paint Co. makes products that help you complete your refinishing project in style. After you close your Behr, Annie Sloan, Sherwin Williams or Valspar paint can, top coat the finish with a Clear Soft Wax or No VOC’s wax. Also consider sealing with our Finishing Cream line which includes dead flat matte, semi-gloss, and high-sheen options so you get the final results you require, and our Finishing Glazes come in three rich tints for a fuss-free way to antique your painted furniture. We also carry an extensive line of Waxes, both in clear and color variations, to help your furniture paint project look its best over time.

No matter the look you wish to achieve with your DIY painted furniture project, The Real Milk Paint Co. has you covered with the best paint colors for most paint projects this 2023. For even more versatility, our powdered paint colors mix well together, making it simple to create your own custom shades and become a trendsetter in your own right.

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