As Real Milk Paint is a non-toxic and organic-based powdered paint, it’s completely safe to use indoors. It emits virtually no odor unlike traditional latex paint and is the perfect choice to use for indoor projects while you’re cooped up inside during the winter. The water-based formula is gentle and is safe for you and the environment.

Milk paint is a unique and versatile formula that adheres well to untreated wood, drywall, stone, unsealed brick, concrete, and plaster.

Beat the winter blues by getting creative with indoor milk paint on brick projects.

1. Painted Brick Fireplace

Is your dated brick fireplace looking tired and old? Winter is the perfect time to spruce up your hearth to be enjoyed for the remainder of the season. A popular look is to paint the bricks white or to create a whitewashed effect which still shows a bit of the original color and texture.

The key to painting your own fireplace with milk paint is to clean, clean and then clean some more. As old fireplaces are prone to soot build-up, it’s important to remove dirt and soot with a wire scrub brush. You may need to use a heavy duty cleaner such as TSP (trisodium phosphate). Cover your work space and tape off areas you don’t want painted.

If you want to whitewash brick, simply add more water to the milk paint. Apply three coats with a paint brush for a solid white fireplace; one or two coats should suffice for a whitewashed look.

2. Charming Kitchen Hutch

Make your kitchen hutch the focus of your kitchen or dining area by adding a splash of color. To make a rustic looking hutch, select two colors: the base color will be the accent color that “peeks through.”

After cleaning the surface to remove any grease and allowing it to dry, begin painting your base color. If you want some natural wood to peek through the paint, use a damp cloth to remove paint while it’s still wet (this creates more of a subtle natural look than sandpaper). Let dry completely (at least 4 hours).

Paint your second coat with the top color and use a damp cloth to remove paint along edges and “natural” areas that tend to wear to reveal the base color. When dry, finish with two coats of Half & Half Pure Tung Oil and Citrus, a food-safe seal.

3. Ceilings that Look Like the Open Sky

Ceilings are often overlooked in favor of painting walls. However, a painted ceiling can add depth to a room. If you have a smooth ceiling (painting over popcorn is not recommended), try painting it sky blue. Mix a bit of Soft White milk paint with Sky Blue for a serene look.

4. Antique Picture Frames

Display your cherished photos in antique frames. This is a quick day project perfect for a cold winter day. Simply remove or tape off the glass and paint away! Remove areas of paint with a damp cloth to create a weathered look. Finish with Dark Tung Oil to add a finished look with depth to your aged frame.

5. Shabby Chic Dining Chairs

Wooden spindle chairs or any wooden chair found at a thrift shop are the perfect candidates to create a shabby chic look. Lightly clean and sand the surface. You may need to apply a bonding agent if the chair has been previously painted. Create a colorful statement by painting each chair a different color.

If you’d like more info about how to make your milk paint project a success, feel free to contact us today.