Paint Ingredients Are Hazardous

Here at The Real Milk Paint Company we pride ourselves on creating a product that is 100% eco-friendly. To understand the damage caused by other paint products to the environment, it’s important to know what’s in the average conventional paint product. Many paints include a pigment, which is then carried by the resin or binding product. Some acrylic paint products include plastic compounds, and many of the leading paints still include elements such as arsenic and formaldehyde.

Impact of VOCs on the Environment

Paint products also contain VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds). VOCs react with oxygen and form an ozone layer in the presence of sunlight. This ozone is thought to be a contributory factor to global warming as part of the greenhouse effect. VOCs are also thought to factor into a number of physical issues, including eye problems and skin irritation.

Use of Petroleum in Paint

Petroleum is widely used in some paint products. The use of petroleum in conventional paints can be considered a contributory factor in a range of environmental issues. For example, petroleum production has increased the number of oil spills in protected wildlife areas around the world. And petroleum use has led to resource depletion in underdeveloped nations, potentially causing loss of life.

Paint is Found in Industrial Waste

Industrial waste is now considered one of the leading environmental issues facing our society. We must dump millions of tons of waste each year at sites around the world, and paint products continue to be a significant percentage of the total waste each year. The paint used on old products, such as furniture that have since been thrown out by families is having a devastating environmental impact. Products such as lead within older paint products can leach into water supplies, potentially poisoning water resources and impacting families across the world.

Natural Milk Paint Products are the Perfect Eco-Friendly Alternative

These are just some of the many ways in which conventional paints now impact our local environment. It’s the reason that homeowners and commercial paint users are turning to environmentally safe products such as milk paint for their decorating requirements. Milk paint is safe for use in any home or business space and is designed for long-term performance without negative health and environmental consequences.

To discover more on the damage caused by conventional paints, contact our trusted paint experts directly!