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Custom wood builders provide many benefits for their clients beyond the obvious functionality they bring to new or existing homes. While prefabricated cabinets and furnishings are readily available — at more inexpensive price points, no less — these pieces simply don’t have the personality, quality or staying power of custom wood furniture, tables, cutting boards, bowls or signs. Before purchasing premade items for your remodel or new build, consider the benefits custom wood building might bring to your home’s overall aesthetic.

Personalizes Your Living Space

While most people can find something prefabricated that almost suits their style, one-size-fits-all rarely fits anyone perfectly in clothing, much less home furnishings. For that reason alone, custom wood builders can help you boost satisfaction with your living space by creating pieces that precisely fit your overarching style. These professionals help you through the building process, from custom cabinets to custom furniture with all the options you desire, including choice of materials, design elements, hardware and finishes. Additionally, these construction pros can use these elements throughout your home since they’re not limited to core collections offered by building supply companies.

Boosts Your Home’s Value

Though your custom home project might not be everyone’s cup of tea, most buyers recognize quality when they see it and prefer custom-built cabinets and furnishings over the prefabricated alternatives. This recognition of excellence with custom woodwork may help you sell your home faster when you’re ready to move and get the price you want from it rather than having to haggle. And if you’d rather pass your home down to family members, furnishings added by custom wood builders lend a sense of timelessness to the design that brings generational value into play and keeps your memory alive for those who come after you.

Ensures a Perfect Furniture Fit

The fixed sizing of prefabricated furniture makes it a bad fit for most homes, and there’s really nothing you can do about it other than choose pieces that somewhat fill the bill. Fortunately, custom wood builders solve this issue by creating items that perfectly fit your available space, whether it’s compact or spacious. For example, if you have irregular spaces like openings beneath stairwells or unusually high ceilings in home offices, custom furniture builders can add cabinets to maximize available space in cramped quarters and make the most of expansive areas in larger ones, all while improving your storage options.

Improves Your Home’s Look

Cabinets and furnishings from custom home builders not only improve your home’s function but also its look. While this can be attractive to future home buyers, you get the benefit of a

decicco woodshop cabinet milkpaint

Custom Cabinet by DeCicco Woodshop in Soft White Real Milk Paint®

chic appearance when you choose custom-built items for your house. The perfect fit factors in here, too, because when each design element precisely meshes with your living space, it creates a cohesive aesthetic that balances your space, and it also gives you the opportunity to draw attention away from other factors that you may wish to conceal or even customize down the road.

Helps You Stay Organized

Custom bathroom and kitchen cabinets help you stay organized by providing space that fits your needs. For instance, if you need lower shelves in the bathroom for towels and toiletries due to mobility issues, a custom builder can factor that into building plans and create unique cabinets that suit both your space and your lifestyle. Likewise, custom kitchen cabinets give you storage space for any specialized equipment you might have that simply doesn’t fit well in prefabricated options, including large stand mixers and electric pressure cookers. In-home offices, custom-built bookcases can help you create a library wall for easy access to books and items you need for the day-to-day functioning of your business.

Enables Use of Local Craftsmen

While prefabricated furniture and cabinets are often cheaper and available right when you need them, you still need to put things like entertainment centers and end tables together and will normally require a general contractor to install larger furnishings like kitchen and bathroom cabinets. Rather than spending twice, it’s often better to use local craftsmen for the entire job of building and installing custom-built items. This not only ensures you have higher quality home furnishings but also helps you give back to your local company. Additionally, custom wood builders typically provide unique touches to your projects that you simply can’t get with premade items, including decorative elements made possible by advanced woodworking techniques.

Offers Enduring Quality

The main benefit of having custom wood builders deck out your home is the enduring quality provided by handmade pieces. These woodworking professionals typically use high-quality materials rather than the standard particleboard and plywood base materials used in many prefabricated items, and since you pick out the hardware, you can choose handles, pulls and knobs that are just as durable and lasting as the custom-built pieces you’ve selected for your home. Likewise, custom wood builders usually use the finishes you prefer on your pieces, so you know exactly how to maintain things like butcher block countertop and wood cabinets without having to guess the original products.

While you may think it’s taking the easy way out to just purchase prefabricated cabinets, furniture, and furnishings from home improvement conglomerates, it really makes more sense for most people to go the custom-built route if they have the time and money. Custom wood builders take your woodworking projects up more than a notch by adding personality to your home decor along with quality and cohesion.

Meet A Maker

craigdecicco markadamspictures

Craig DeCicco by Mark Adams Pictures

To learn more about what custom wood builders can do for you, we’ve interviewed Craig from DeCicco Woodshop to find out what he enjoys most about creating items for customers and the products he uses to make those items look their very best.

What is your business or online name?

DeCicco Woodshop

If you had to give a summary of who you are and what you do, what would that be? 

I’m a Marine veteran who has always loved working with my hands. Almost all of my work is commission-based, I really love helping people bring their ideas to life. I specialize in one of a kind, custom furniture pieces. Often going from tree to table, I will pick up local trees being harvested from yards, or fallen in storms and cut, mill, and dry them myself. It’s really incredible to watch the transformation.

Could you explain your journey in how you came to be in the craft/trade that you are currently in?

I’ve always loved building and working with my hands. I started making basic furniture for myself 10+ years ago. Slowly, as my skills increased, I began offering custom work to friends and family and from there it has snowballed into a custom woodworking business. I officially began my LLC in 2018 as a side hustle to a full-time 9-5 office job. The woodworking business has really taken off in the last couple of years which has afforded me the opportunity to take the business full time as of May 2021! I’m incredibly fortunate to have a loving and supportive wife and family : ).

What is your favorite part about your craft/trade?

The independence. I’m a really great boss.

How did you find out about Real Milk Paint Co?

It’s been a few years, I honestly don’t really remember but I think I got to them via researching milk paints.

What is your favorite project to do with our products?

Wooden bowls, boards, and utensils!

Do you have a particularly favorite product of ours? If so, what would be one tip/trick to offer to others that you have found produced great results?

Half and Half has been my go-to on all my cutting boards and bowls but the new wood wax has made a really big splash on my scene. I really like the ease of application and the finish is beautiful. I’m not sure what tip I’d give, it’s tough to mess up. Like Mr. Miyagi said, wax on, wax off.

If you had to give one tip to those looking to “follow in your footsteps” what would it be?

Keep pushing your skills, say yes even if you don’t necessarily know how to do something. Then go figure it out!

Where can people see your work or contact you?


Products Used:

Pure Tung Oil, Half & Half, Outdoor Defense Oil, Wood Wax

Any additional thoughts, comments, recommendations you would like to share?

Building relationships is one of the most important parts of any business. Thanks for all the support over the years y’all!