Grey Kitchen Cabinets and Island When many potential homeowners search for their dream house, that search kicks off with a look at the kitchen. One of the busiest rooms in most homes, kitchens also tend to show their age, with many reflecting trends from the time of their design and construction. This often includes dated kitchen cabinet finishes that put a fly in the ointment in terms of redecorating. Fortunately, Real Milk Paint for kitchen cabinets proves a nice solution for those wanting an easier way to remodel this space to bring it in line with both classic and current interior design trends, adding permanent fade-proof color.

A Long-Lasting, Smooth Finish

Not only does painting kitchen cabinets with milk paint help you achieve the look you desire, this fast-drying paint also offers an environmentally sound option that eschews VOCs, solvents, toxins, and has no odor when dry. Additionally, it arrives in powder form for easy storage, letting you mix it on demand so you don’t have to work on a tight schedule to finish. Whether you want off-white hues that complement country kitchens, deep shades that play up shabby-chic decor or vibrant colors that showcase your personal style, Real Milk Paint has you covered with options for easy custom blending that will retain and touch up their color and beauty over time for a lasting kitchen cabinet finish.

Quick & Easy Application

kitchen island butcher block finished with tung oilBecause you don’t have to strip the wood down to bare, Real Milk Paint for kitchen cabinets saves lots of time and energy. It adds a flat finish that adheres to almost any clean, porous surface, allowing application over oil-based paint after cleaning with TSP (trisodium phosphate) and use sandpaper over the surface area lightly. After that, you simply apply your first coat with Real Milk Paint mixed with Ultra-Bond adhesion agent, then apply a second coat of pure Real Milk Paint. If you have cured latex paint or dewaxed shellac on your kitchen cabinets, apply smooth coats over it with a paint brush or foam roller after a good cleaning and light sanding. To achieve an attractive crackled look, just paint over kitchen cabinets featuring uncured latex paint or waxy shellac finishes.

If you have rambunctious pets or rough-and-tumble kids, you might want to add a topcoat over Real Milk Paint such as their Finishing Cream after it dries, but that’s not strictly necessary if you paint less-trafficked spaces. After you finish revamping your kitchen cabinets with Real Milk Paint, enjoy fast, simple cleanup.

The formulation uses casein and water to achieve smooth-flowing coloring, so it requires only soap, water, a rag and just a little bit of elbow grease when you need to remove it from other surfaces like walls and flooring.

Updating Your Space with Real Milk Paint

white milk paint kitchen cabinets and modern kitchen appliancesWhile it might seem like a huge task to take on a DIY project like refinishing your white kitchen cabinets, if you paint kitchen cabinets with white milk paint, it will help you feel more satisfied with this busy space and your home in general. It offers a forgiving alternative for those who wish to makeover the look of their homes on the weekends with easy mixing right when you need it, long-lasting color variety and easy application and cleanup. Shop our large variety of milk paint colors or call us today at 800-339-9748 with any questions.