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Looking to become a retailer or stockist? You’re in the right place! If this page doesn’t answer all of your questions, feel free to reach out. Email us or call us 800-339-9748

We are a growing United States based company seeking retailers both nationally and internationally. Being a family-owned business ourselves, we want to partner with you to not only bring the products to your community but also to help grow your business!

Our philosophy is Easy on Earth, Easy on You. We believe products should not only be naturally derived and safe for the environment but, should also be safe for you. Living easier on the earth should not be harder on you! See some of our frequently asked questions to get more details about becoming a retailer.

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FAQ about being a Retailer

Our milk paint comes in 56 different colors, its biodegradable, food contact safe, VOC free, and does not contain any chalk or clay fillers like other brands. We are so confident, heres the ingredients;

  1. Casein (protein)
  2. Calcium Lime
  3. Raw Earth Pigment Powders (for color)
  4. Plant based filler (edible)

We have a finish for just about every need and application. From Pure Tung Oil to Soapstone Sealer & Wood Wax, we’ve got your finishing needs covered…all naturally. So whether you are painting furniture, sealing cutting boards, carving spoons, or finishing your deck, we have a product for that.

To start off as a Real Milk Paint Co. retailer we require an $800 initial order (after discounts). After that, we require the sum of annual orders to meet or exceed $500 (after discounts).

We leave that decision up to you! Your a small business owner, we understand where your coming from. While we recommend having a selection of each of our product lines, we leave the final decision to you in what product you would like to stock or not stock.

Not at all! Buy items one at a time or ten at a time, the choice is yours!

If you don’t like to talking to a machine and going through menus then you’ll love calling us! Here, real people answer the phone to take your questions and give you our best recommendations. Whether that be what product for a project, technical questions, or troubleshooting we are here to help. In fact, here is our number (800) 339-9748

We promote permanent “brick and mortar” retail locations where the product can be displayed and sold from. This can come in a wide variety of manners; from independent shops to vendor booths. Part of this promotion involves adding your store location and information to our easy to use Find A Retailer page. This way, customers can find you and bring business to your front door.

(Note: We currently are not accepting exclusive online retailers at this time.)

Yes! You are your own business and so have the freedom to manage it the way you wish.

Each of our retailers is guaranteed a five-mile radius around their store location that is a “safe zone”. We won’t allow other retailers to come on board within that zone without getting your express permission to do so.

You are allowed to sell Real Milk Paint Co. products from your business website at MSRP. We are currently not accepting any exclusive online retailers at this time nor sellers on (or its affiliates).

We prefer to let them speak for themselves! Read their reviews here!


  • Failure to keep the agreed upon terms
  • Infringing on another retailers region
  • Lack of a physical location to display and retail the products from

What other retailers are saying…

We love working with Real Milk Paint Co. because of the quality of product that they make and the quality of people that they employ. They are always happy to help us recommend a product, troubleshoot a customer’s issue, or explain their products to us. They make it a pleasure to sell their products.

Real Milk Paint has been a very reliable & trusted partner since 2015 in Chattanooga – and as far back as 2008 during my time in the Washington DC market. We love their dedication to a wide range of beautiful & healthy finishes – which helps us in our green building retail work. Future retailers need to know that RMP attracts customers thru their website, which is a great resource for folks who want to find a local retailer. RMP is also wonderfully efficient in their processing and shipping of orders – local or drop ship.

I have been ordering from RMP for about twelve years. I tried other products but found RMP to be the best quality and colors, easy to order (no minimum orders or quantities). The company and employees are great and really patient and helpful.

Got my shelves stocked! Love my banner & all the wonderful colors! I sold 100.00 worth of Real Milk Paint today right after I stocked the shelves & will be making another order soon!

Being an importer and a retailer of the “The Real Milk Paint” company in Israel, I can tell you that The “Real Milk Paint” products, all of them, are considered to be THE TOP CLASS of their kinds by experienced and professional woodworkers. I personally use these products a lot in my own shop on products I make.
TOOOOOOOOOOP PRODUCTS! Working with the guys behind this brand…. This is the main thing! Their 100% honesty, decency and ability to provide tons of professional knowledge and come up with solutions regarding the operation of each and every one of their products as well as urgent shipping requirements, is FAR BEYOND any normal standard.

Our customers love your products and we do too. Your customer service is great, the order process is easy, and shipping is quick! Not to mention it’s natural!

We love Real Milk Paint Co.! The products are wonderful and the company’s customer service is the best. They are so dependable. Orders ship quickly every time. Dwayne is so knowledgeable and is always willing to answer my questions to help me—and my customers—get amazing results with his products.

The entire crew at The Real Milk Pint company have been absolutely great to work with. Very responsive to any needs and a very clear focus on quality – both in their service and their products!

Ever since I’ve become a retailer and user of this product, it has really helped my small business grow. I cannot wait to see what is to come in the future! Also, the staff that helps with my orders and questions is amazing!

As our store name suggests, we are focused on providing non-toxic and environmentally safe creative supplies. We love that Real Milk Paint meets our strict standards, is available in so many colors, and is so easy to use. We use it for all of our classes and our crafters and furniture rehabbers love it.

RMP has been a seller’s delight! Great support, always there to answer questions (in person, no less) and you deal with people that KNOW their product.

Real Milk Paint Company gets five stars for its products and service. RMP has been our powdered milk paint supplier for over ten years; hence this is proof of how they are providing an excellent product that our customer continues to buy. I can’t say enough about the service, everything is in stock to ship fast, and it’s easy to order from their website. Real Milk Paint is a well-known brand that can bring customers to you.

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