fun ideas to decorate rocks

Rock painting are all the rage these days. It offers a fun creative outlet for kids and adults alike, with minimal art supplies necessary for completed DIY paint rocks. From floral embellishments and dot mandalas to trendy poured effects and feel-good sentiments, painted rocks projects let hobbyists express their vision and share it with the world when they hide their creations for others to find.

Many rock painting enthusiasts also display their customized painted rocks publicly to foster feelings of love, unity and community in their neighborhoods and towns. When you’re ready to get started on your own rock paint project, Real Milk Paint makes a great choice for adding vibrant bright colors that holds up well to the elements on smooth rock and stone.

Benefits of Real Milk Paint for Rock Painting

Consider adding Real Milk Paint to your favorite rock painting kit to benefit from a versatile formulation that’s both economical and durable. Ease of application makes this rock paint medium suitable for beginners and experts alike, and the eco-friendly ingredients let you feel good about your rock painting journey.

Offers Easy Mixing and Economical Rock Painting

Mix Real Milk Paint to the perfect thin consistency necessary for smooth and rough rocks alike thanks to a powder formulation. Designed for excellent flexibility when working with more porous surfaces, this rock paint medium lets you add more or less water, depending on whether you’re using smooth rocks or more porous stones. Test in one rock and see if your mix is what you want. Mixing at the time of use also means Real Milk Paint allows you to create batches with as much or as little as you need for the task at hand, and mixed product lasts for up to 2 weeks in sealed containers for more economical rock painting ideas.

Stays Put on Painted Rocks Projects Indoors and Out

flat rocks painted with Real Milk paint becomes rock artRely on Real Milk Paint to adhere well to stone on its own or when mixed with our Ultra Bond Adhesion Promoter. When sealed with our finishing oils, Real Milk Paint easily resists the rigors of inclement weather, no matter the season, ensuring your painted rocks stand the test of time whether displayed indoors or out. Additionally, the dead flat finish makes this rock paint ideal for mixed-media projects, helping glossier acrylic paint hues stand out when used as a base coat for your rock painting ideas. Our range of 56 hues enables easy custom color mixing when you want to personalize DIY painted rocks designs.

Provides Nontoxic, Eco-Friendly Rock Paint Color

Make your rock painting projects greener by using Real Milk Paint. Our non toxic paint contains no volatile organic compounds (VOCs), so you can paint rocks indoors, even in tight spaces, without the need for added ventilation. The milk protein casein makes this 100% organic medium safe for food contact and use in homes or play dates with kids and pets, and the formulation composts and biodegrades well for added sustainability and environmental friendliness.

How to Use Real Milk Paint to Paint Rocks

Rock painting is simple — simply pick out the stones and colors you wish to use, paint the rocks the way you want them, then seal them to protect the finish. You can also use mod podge and add some extra fabric on it formore paint rocks great ideas. Once finished, you can display them in your home or yard  or hide them in public places for others to find and enjoy.

Gathering Rock Painting Supplies

The first step in rock painting is to seek rock painting kit and supplies in craft stores, including the stones you wish to paint, Real Milk Paint and paint brushes. Keep in mind that local, state and federal laws typically prohibit removal of rocks from parks or beaches, but you may find some spaces in your area where it’s legal to grab a few stones for projects. If you plan on painting numerous rocks, however, consider purchasing rocks from local landscaping shops and online vendors, or make your own paint rocks by using concrete and compatible molds.

Prepping Stones for Rock Painting

Before you start painting rocks, clean them thoroughly to remove any dirt and ensure a smooth surface for painting. Do this by scrubbing them down with soap and water, allowing them to soak a bit to loosen up any caked-on debris, then scrubbing them with a brush if necessary. Once clean, leave the stones out in the sun to dry before decorating rocks with Real Milk Paint.

Painting Rocks with Real Milk Paint

artist painting rocks with paint pensThe first step of rock painting with Real Milk Paint is mixing the powdered formulation at a 1:1 ratio with water. Add Ultra Bond Adhesion Promoter during this step to improve adherence to especially slick stones. Test a section of the rock you’re using to see how much paint it absorbs, then thicken or thin the mixed formulation to suit your painted rocks project. If the rock is very porous, sometimes dampening the surface with water can help the paint spread further rather than be absorbed too quickly into the stone.

Once mixed to your satisfaction, either add a base coat to the rock or use paint pens or paintbrush to embellish the stone. Flat brushes work well for filling in broad swatches of Real Milk Paint, while round brushes help you create finer details. If you don’t feel confident in your painted rocks skills enough to paint freehand, consider using a template such as those for dot mandalas or writing on a sweet sentiment with a liner brush.

Sealing Painted Rock Projects

Once your painted rocks project dries, it’s time to seal it for added weather resistance. If left unsealed, your artwork will be like temporary tattoos as Real Milk Paint will slowly fade from the surface of the stone. An added benefit if you want to reduce impact on the environment yet enjoy rock painting. UV-resistant top coats help reduce fading from the sun, while resin coating brings a touch of gloss to your finished design. These products typically spray on for fuss-free application and dry quickly so you can hide your project for others in the rock painting community to discover. Our recommendation to seal your project would be either Pure Tung Oil for a flat matte finish or Soapstone Sealer for a smooth, low-sheen finish.

Painted rocks projects provide a quick, satisfying way to showcase your creativity, and Real Milk Paint helps you complete DIY rock crafts economically and easily. This water-based medium gives you flexibility in consistency, colors and ease of use, aiding you in creating rock paintings that pop and delighting everyone who finds them out in the wild.

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