One of the biggest hurdles for would-be DIYers is the mess factor. Paint tends to get everywhere, and no matter how well you drape, tape and otherwise prepare your surroundings, you’re often left with splatters and drips that leave a toxic residue that mars your home. Likewise, if you’re working outside, the wrong paint can easily destroy your lawn.

But not Real Milk Paint.

Our non-toxic, eco-friendly milk paint is free from the caustic chemicals present in so many other paint brands. It’s made using ingredients that are so safe and nourishing that you can actually use our Real Milk Paint as a natural fertilizer.

Why Real Milk Paint Is Nontoxic

Real Milk Paints are NontoxicThe ingredients in Real Milk Paint differ slightly, depending on the color, but each hue contains some combination of the following:

  • Casein (a milk protein)
  • Hydrated lime
  • Pigments
  • A proprietary plant-based filler

All these substances are found in nature. In fact, milk paint predates modern manufacturing for thousands of years. When you see pictures of cave drawings from our planet’s earliest societies or study-painted artifacts from King Tut’s tomb, you’re looking at some of the first examples of milk paint. A simple mixture of milk, lime and pigments that were sourced from soil and plants served as the vehicle for creativity and artistry long before we ever knew how to create latex in a lab or turn oil into an art supply.

Why Real Milk Paint Helps You Go Green

Though milk paint was temporarily overshadowed by factory-made alternatives that lasted longer on the shelf, we now know those options are packed with everything from ammonia to formaldehyde and ethylene glycol, which can cause pulmonary edema and organ damage. Milk paints like Real Milk Paint are the exact opposite. These products contain no benzene, hydrochloric acid or toluene — just all-natural organic ingredients that come from the earth and reabsorb easily into the soil.

And the sustainability factor doesn’t stop with our Real Milk Paint. The Real Milk Paint Co. makes numerous all-natural products that are free of VOCs (volatile organic compounds) that pair perfectly with our range of colors. For instance, our Wood Wax boasts a food contact-safe formulation — just like our Real Milk Paint! — for easy use around your kitchen, whether you need to seal raw wood or surfaces painted with one of our milk paint hues.

In fact, the Real Milk Paint Co. features sustainable products that help you go green from the start of your DIY project to the finish. Prep your surfaces with our natural strippers and removers, then cover the cleaned surfaces with our Real Milk Paint. You can also create distressed effects and patinas with our finishing creams and glazes or protect the painted surface with our waxes and finishing oils. Our all-natural products work together to help you customize handmade and upcycled pieces just the way you want them without harming the environment.

Why Real Milk Paint Is Safe for Your Garden

outdoor garden bedThe idea that you could refinish a secondhand desk and toss the excess paint in your garden without panicking seems crazy, but that scenario is truly possible when you’re working with Real Milk Paint. Unlike traditional paints you must mix with kitty litter and transport to an approved disposal site, you can use Real Milk Paint as a natural fertilizer by chucking it onto your lawn or flower bed, and you’ll actually love the results.

Here’s why:

  • Milk contains calcium lime, a nutrient that helps plants grow and may keep pests such as aphids at bay while minimizing the spread of leaf viruses such as tobacco mosaic virus.
  • Farmers often use lime to increase the pH of acidic soil for optimal plant health and growth.

To find out how much you need for your DIY project, try our Paint Calculator tool. Our colors come in powdered form that mixes at a 1:1 ratio with water, and you can change the consistency to match the needs of the surface you’re painting by adding a little more or less liquid. Once mixed, it stores for up to two weeks, so you have ample time to finish your project. If you don’t use it all, just dump the unused portion onto your lawn, garden or flower bed to use Real Milk Paint as a natural fertilizer.

Other Reasons to Use Real Milk Paint in Projects

In addition to Real Milk Paint as a natural fertilizer and an eco-friendly alternative to modern paint, our product confers numerous other benefits to your DIY projects. Designed for application without primer, our Real Milk Paint glides onto your DIY projects smoothly, especially when you use it with our Zibra paintbrushes. Our versatile milk paint works well on almost any surface, including hard-to-cover surfaces like laminate, when paired with our Ultra Bond Adhesion Promoter, and it also provides excellent coverage on outdoor surfaces when mixed with our Outdoor Additive.

Get just the look you want with Real Milk Paint’s range of 56 colors. No matter whether you want basic shades like Soft White, Sage Gray and Black Iron, vibrant hues like Blue Lagoon, Gypsy Pink and Persimmon or lighter colors like Beachglass, Granny Smith Green and Sweetheart, we have an extensive range of options to suit your design. If you need custom colors, all our Real Milk Paint hues mix together easily. We also offer pigment powders and Real Milk Paint base so you can further extend personalization and creativity by utilizing our mixing guide.

Reasons to Use Real Milk Paint in Projects

You Can Feel Good About

It’s not often something from your art kit also has a place in your gardening shed, but Real Milk Paint pulls double duty and does it well. Because milk paint comes in powdered form, you can stir up as little or as much as you need for the project at hand, but it’s nice to know that if you have a bit leftover or your second coat on the back patio gets a bit sloppy, your lawn will be all the better for it. To find out more about how the Real Milk Paint Co. can help with your green projects, contact us via email or reach out to us by phone at (800) 339-9748.