Lye Soap

For centuries, milk paint has been a practical and trusted product for decorating a wide variety of products and buildings. Milk paint, as compared to modern standard commercial paints, contains simple, 100% natural ingredients like milk protein and lime. In today’s market, consumers are increasingly aware of the harmful toxins and chemicals added to standard commercial paint and want to find an alternative that is both eco-friendly and safe for their loved ones.

Painting surfaces with Real Milk Paint is a quick and easy process that provides outstanding, beautiful results. In addition to high-quality paint, individuals require high-quality tools, such as paint brushes. These brushes can initially feel like a big investment, but once you’ve used them, you’ll understand why a great paint brush is necessary to an enjoyable painting experience.

Lye Soap: The Best Natural Paint Brush Cleaner

Lye is a caustic material that allows for the gentle softening and breakdown of tough materials, such as paint. Lye is a product readily found in many body soaps, so you know that this gentle cleanser will do the job on your paint brush while maintaining its original condition.

Real Milk Paint’s Lye Soap kit was developed to provide customers with an easy to use, gentle paint cleanser for the best natural care for their professional grade paint brushes. Lye soap helps to cut through any excess paint build up on brushes, while at the same time, it will condition brushes for a flawless finish. The Lye Soap kit works to wash, care, and properly clean brushes.

Using Lye Soap to Clean Paint Brushes

When giving your paint brushes a thorough brush cleaning after use, ensure that the water you are using is quite hot. Hot water works to loosen the paint from the bristles, easing the cleaning process along. Lather the bristles using your Lye Soap bar.

Don’t fret if you don’t notice a lot of bubbles, as Lye Soap tends not to lather and become soapy like other cleansing products. Once you’ve coated your bristle brushes completely, meaning between all individual bristles, rinse them thoroughly. Squeeze out all excess water, and shake out the cleaned brushes before you start the air-drying process.

Paint Brush Care After Cleaning Brushes

After the wash, you’ll notice that the bristles will want to spread out and separate into pieces. The Lye Soap kit includes a piece of fabric, designed to keep the bristles in place while ensuring that the bristles dry and stay conditioned. Take cloth and string included in the kit, and wrap cloth around the brush bristles, then tie it off and lightly cinch with the string leaving the end of the bristles exposed  . Find an area with good ventilation to let your clean brushes sit out for several hours or hang  to air dry completely.

For more information on our non-toxic, eco-friendly milk paint and accessories, visit Real Milk Paint online and see why “green” paint is the safer, healthier choice for your family and the planet.