Real Milk Paint is a 100% natural, non-toxic paint, acting as a superior alternative to standard commercial paints available on the market today. Composed of all natural ingredients such as powdered purified casein, lime, and earth pigments for color, Real Milk Paint works on a variety of surfaces, and its long-lasting properties make it great for DIY projects and antique restorations.

As compared to commercial paints readily available on the market today that are resin-based, Real Milk Paint is made of eco-friendly ingredients. This means that regular paint removers or solvents used for standard acrylic paint removal simply will not work on Real Milk Paint

What to Use to Remove Real Milk Paint

Whether you’ve made a mistake and painted an area unintentionally, or simply feel like changing up the color scheme of a room, Real Milk Paint can be easily removed by sanding or using the right product. The Real Milk Paint Company’s Milk Paint Remover is the stripper product specifically designed with the intention to remove milk paint with ease.

By mixing one part water for every two parts of paint remover, you’ll create a pasty substance with a consistency similar to that of pancake batter. Once applied, the Milk Paint Remover works to gradually break down and eat through the milk paint. A half-gallon mix of the batter-like paste covers approximately 85 to 125 square feet.

Milk Paint Remover does not release any toxic fumes or chemicals, although you may notice a slightly earthy aroma. This non-toxic formula was developed to safely remove milk paint from most surfaces.

How to Properly Use Milk Paint Remover

The powdered Milk Paint Remover is a gentle, yet caustic, substance, so the first step in safe removal is to ensure personal safety. Wear heavy-duty rubber gloves, old clothing that you’re willing to ruin, and a pair of safety glasses or goggles.

Once you’ve mixed the powdered Milk Paint Remover into its paste-like state, apply in painter’s strokes onto the surface in a thick layer. Once you’ve covered an area in a thick layer, add another. To ensure the complete removal of milk paint, the layers of paint remover must be kept wet. The moisture helps the paint remover to work to the best of its ability. Use a mist bottle filled with water and mist the remover when it appears dry .

Remove the unwanted milk paint with a scraper, scouring pad, steel wool or any other rough and durable material, but be careful not to damage the underlying item itself. The Milk Paint Remover will completely do the work of removing milk paint for you, but you must have the patience to let it gradually work its way through. Be prepared for a mess, and be aware of your own personal safety when removing paint.

The Real Milk Paint Company offers individuals and families a product that can add color to their lives while sustaining a healthy planet. For more information on Real Milk Paint and other offered products, call 800-339-9748 today.