Rusty MirrorChances are, you’ve come across one object or another in your lifetime that seemed like it appeared out of a dream. As if it were meant to find its way into your life. But, then you noticed the rusty patches, and the object slowly moved its way into the garage or storage shed, to be long forgotten.

Painting over rust is not a challenge that one would expect. With the right product and the right process, painting over rust can add character back into your sentimental items, while restoring its original appearance. Real Milk Paint is an all-natural alternative to standard commercial paints and has been made and used for centuries.

With 100% natural, non-toxic ingredients such as milk protein, lime, and earth-based substances for color, Real Milk Paint is an ideal, safe choice for DIY projects and antique restoration.

Preparing Rusty Surfaces for Real Milk Paint

Real Milk Paint thrives on porous surfaces, and luckily enough, rusty areas are the perfect porous surface for milk paint to work its magic. Once you’ve acquired a rusty item, such as antique metal surfaces, you’ll be able to restore it to the best condition possible with a little care and paint.

Firstly, remove any heavy scale that has built up on rusted areas with a rough, exfoliating pad. Once you’ve massaged away most of the scale build-up, dust off the rusted object, and clean up the dust from the surrounding area for a clear canvas to apply the milk paint.

Painting Over Rust with Real Milk Paint

Before you begin any painting project, ensure that you have a high-quality brush that will help you get your entire project done quickly and easily. The Real Milk Paint Company offers an oval brush that works great with milk paint, creating a clean and smooth application process on any surface. These brushes are designed to lay on milk paint, fast. The right brush will help immensely in the painting process, by holding plenty of paint to allow for easy spreading of the product.

Once you’ve cleaned your work area and have a high-quality brush at your side, open and enjoy the luxurious smoothness of the milk paint. The 100% natural formula and thin texture allows the milk paint to cover all crevices of an object, without appearing cakey or plastic-like. Rusty surfaces require little prep, and absolutely no primer.

Using just one coat of Real Milk Paint preserves the rusty details of an object while adding beautiful color and character to its existing charm. By using the quality paint and tools available from The Real Milk Paint Company, you can ensure a fast and easy painting process when restoring rusty items.

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