Waxing wood surfaces brings out the beauty in the wood grain, and a thin coat enhances the surface and lends extra protection against abrasive dust and damaging moisture. When you reapply wood wax sealer, it also softens imperfections in wood finishes by filling in minor scratches and scuffs, making wooden furniture easier to maintain while improving its appearance in the present. While any type of wax finish may benefit your woodworking projects, top-notch formulations like Wood Wax sealer by the Real Milk Paint Co. take surfaces to the next level with all-natural formulations that are safe for food contact.

What Is Wood Wax?

a soft wood wax sealer finished dresser and drawers

Wood Wax by the Real Milk Paint Co. is a vegan-friendly wood sealer made from all plant-based ingredients for sustainable furniture protection. Free of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), mineral oil, and solvents, Wood Wax can be applied over old coats of Wood Wax, bare wood, finishing oils, and surfaces painted with Real Milk Paint for versatility in use. This paste wax finish has a food contact-safe formulation, so it can also be applied directly to kitchen surfaces like butcher blocks and cutting boards for a worry-free shine.

Benefits of Using Wood Wax to Seal Wood

Whether you melt for modern designs or pine for primitive pieces, a Wood Wax finish offers several key advantages over other finishes when you want to repair, protect and maintain a surface’s appearance. Let’s look at how Wood Wax by the Real Milk Paint Co. assists you in keeping your wooden furniture looking its best with minimal effort and maximum results.

An Eco-Friendly Wax Finish

When you need an eco-friendly solution for sealing a bare wood surface or one painted with Real Milk Paint, turn to our Wood Wax sealer. We don’t use mineral oil or petroleum distillates in the formulation. In fact, we don’t even use beeswax or animal byproducts in the recipe for a vegan-friendly way to buff out wood finishes on your existing furniture. What we do use is a two-ingredient formula containing T1 carnauba wax and walnut oil that makes Wood Wax safe for any food contact surface in your home for a safer cleaning routine.

A Durable Finish That Lasts

Boost the durability of bare wood and Real Milk Paint with the help of Wood Wax. This non-toxic wood salve heals small imperfections on your wood surface by sliding into small nicks and crevices to smooth out flaws while imparting a durable finish. With just several coats on a clean cloth, you can quickly rejuvenate the look of an old Wood Wax finish, helping sealed surfaces look their best over time and with everyday use.

Fuss-Free Extra Protection for Wood

Achieve the shine you desire with a smooth-gliding Wood Wax finish that’s easy to apply. Simply wipe or buff a coat of wax on with a soft, clean cloth, and rely on the silky combination of carnauba wax and walnut oil to melt effortlessly into the wood, unlike a standard paste wax that requires lots of rubbing. Wood Wax imbues a clear finish that doesn’t have the milkiness or swirls of standard wax finishes for added beauty and shine.

Seals in Real Milk Paint Color

Adding the buffed clear finish of Wood Wax to surfaces painted with Real Milk Paint acts as a sealer. Rubbing this carnauba wax and walnut oil blend atop one of the brand’s 56 beautiful colors helps the surface resist moisture, reducing the variation of hues for furniture with a polished appearance. Something to keep in mind when using our Wood Wax over your milk paint is that this formulation will darken most milk paint colors. If you want to maintain the hue of your milk paint, our Clear Wax is an excellent alternative. 

Signs Your Wood Needs Resealing

a door refinished with wood wax sealer from Real Milk PaintWhether you’ve used Wood Wax sealer on bare wood or surfaces painted with Real Milk Paint, there are some simple ways to know when you need to reseal the surface. Let’s explore the main signs that your wood may need extra help.

A Dull Look

When wood surfaces lack luster and shine, it’s typically time to rub on a coat or two of Wood Wax to renew their finish.

A Rough Feel

Wooden furniture that needs fresh coats of wax typically has a rougher feel, especially in frequently used spots.

More Stains

If your wood finishes seem more prone to staining from heat, moisture and intensely colored substances, they may need the extra protection of Wood Wax.

Visible Wear

Wood grain that displays scratches, scuffs and worn spots typically needs several coats of our paste wax to even out the finish and prevent further damage.

How Often You Should Reapply Wood Wax Sealer

Apply our eco-friendly team of carnauba wax and walnut oil whenever your wood finishes need an extra boost of shine. To achieve the look you want, add a thin layer to the whole wood surface and buff a second coat onto areas of your furniture that need extra attention, such as scratches or scuffs.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Applying and Reapplying Wood Wax Sealer

Getting the results you want for your wood surfaces from our Wood Wax sealer is simple when you know the best practices for use. Use this handy guide when applying and reapplying this salve to your wood finishes.

Preparing the Wood Surface

The method you use for preparing surfaces like wooden furniture and fixtures for Wood Wax finishes varies based on the surface’s current finish. 

  • Bare wood: If you’re starting with a bare wood surface, you simply need to clean the area thoroughly with a high-quality product such as Tri-Sodium Phosphate. Formulated to clean away dust and debris without leaving residue behind, this product makes bare wood a blank slate for Wood Wax application, with or without help from a sanding sealer. You can also pop the grain with water, then lightly sand the surface to improve the finish of the bare wood.
  • Real Milk Paint: Wood Wax can be applied directly to surfaces painted with milk paint. 
  • Wood Treated with Mineral Oil: Wood furniture with mineral oil needs further cleaning with Citrus Solvent to strip away the old finish before you begin.
  • Finishing oils: You can rub Wood Wax directly onto surfaces coated in our finishing oils, including Pure Tung Oil and Half and Half. You must, however, wait until the finishing oils are completely cured before adding a buffed Wood Wax finish to get the best results — usually 30 days.
  • Other finishes: As long as the surface isn’t treated with mineral oil, you can apply Wood Wax over other finishes, such as a sanding sealer or water- and oil-based stains. Others require stripping down to bare wood before application with a product like Soy-Gel Professional Paint Remover to get a clean, consistent look.

Applying the Wood Wax Sealer

After you’ve prepped your furniture, just grab a clean, soft cloth such as a cotton rag, cut-up T-shirt or old sock, dip it in the Wood Wax and start rubbing it onto the surface. Buff on a thin layer first, let it sit for 10 to 15 minutes, and then buff off the excess with another clean, soft cloth until you achieve a clear finish. Sometimes, you may need to add more coats of wax to bring wood finishes up to the level of shine you want. Remember that wood finishes renewed with Wood Wax need to cure at least 5 to 7 days before you use them lightly and 15 to 30 days before you use them entirely for the best results.

Aftercare and Maintenance

Caring for pieces polished with our carnauba wax and walnut oil formula is quick and simple, unlike many other waxes. Just dip a rag in hot water and mild dish detergent and wipe down the waxed and buffed surface to clean it up quickly, being careful to avoid acidic cleaners with bases like vinegar. You don’t have to reapply Wood Wax on any set schedule — just buff a little onto worn-looking areas as needed for a simple way to renew the look of your favorite wooden furniture and fixtures.

carnauba wax finished dining room table

Maintain Your Wood Pieces With Wood Waxes From Real Milk Paint Co.

Whether you need to apply wax to raw wood covered in sanding sealer, Real Milk Paint-coated wood finishes or surfaces covered in old wax, the range of wood waxes available from the Real Milk Paint Co. has you covered — and well-protected. Our environmentally friendly wax finishes help you improve the look of your favorite furniture and ready garage sale or thrift store finds for flipping when you find a great deal that just needs a touch of upcycling. From Soft Finishing Wax in your choice of complementary shades to Clear Carnauba Wax for a high-shine appearance, the Real Milk Paint Co. offers versatile choices for bringing out the best in your wood finishes and helping you customize and protect pieces you can treasure for years.