Tung Oil on HempWood Table

If you want to complete the perfect project with HempWood, Pure Tung Oil delivers beautiful wood finishes. When comparing this hard-drying finishing oil with other alternatives, such as natural hemp seed oil, teak oils, raw linseed oil, boiled linseed oil and Danish oil, Pure Tung Oil comes out on top due to numerous factors, including deep penetration into wood products and durable wood finishing properties. But before you decide how to finish your wooden surfaces, keep reading to learn more about proprietary HempWood wood products and how they might fit into your woodworking projects.

What Is HempWood?

HempWood Floor PlanksHempWood is a nontoxic wood substitute that utilizes hard-pressed hemp fibers in its construction for an appearance that mimics a real wooden surface, complete with wood grain. Featuring a design that’s low in volatile organic compounds (VOCs), HempWood comes in a variety of configurations, enabling its use in buildings, furniture and flooring. This sustainable hemp wood composite works well for general construction and interior design solutions thanks to a clean, natural look that’s simple to customize to your needs, including adding a Pure Tung Oil finish and coloring with Real Milk Paint.

Can You Use Tung Oil on HempWood?

A Pure Tung Oil finish provides protection and beauty to wood floors made with HempWood. Made with 100% chinawood oil and no added chemicals, completely nontoxic Pure Tung Oil by Real Milk Paint Co. offers a true matte finish that never looks glossy or heavy. This environmentally friendly and food-safe wood conditioner provides water resistance and flexibility to your wood surface, making it an excellent choice for HempWood fashioned into cutting boards, wooden kitchen utensils and even wood floors. Additionally, our tung oil wood finishes come premixed with Citrus Solvent to save time and ensure smooth application and include Dark Tung options colored with natural resin for a deeper, richer look.

Can You Use Hemp Oil on HempWood?

Hemp Oil from the Real Milk Paint Co. also works well for HempWood. Although a hemp oil finish is a bit less durable than a finish attained with Pure Tung Oil, this all-natural finishing oil requires no thinning for a completely VOC-free finish, and it goes on smoothly. You can expect a hue roughly equivalent to that provided by Half & Half when you use hemp oil, and the finish enhances the wood grain for a beautiful finished result. Like Pure Tung Oil, our hypoallergenic Hemp Oil is safe for food contact surfaces, so you can use it on butcher block countertops and cutting boards made with HempWood.

Does Tung Oil Offer a Durable Finish?

Pure Tung Oil from Real Milk Paint Co. delivers a water-resistant finish to help you complete a perfect project with HempWood — and with no toxic chemicals. Like walnut oil and natural hemp oil, our all-natural oil is a drying oil, so it cures by natural polymerization and oxidation rather than evaporation for a more durable finishing oil. Additionally, applying tung oil helps HempWood, raw wood and reclaimed wood surfaces resist marring, blistering and peeling when properly applied. And while other drying oils like hemp oil and walnut oil also penetrate deep into HempWood surfaces, these options don’t provide adequate protection for frequently used wooden surfaces such as wood floors and wooden utensils.

How to Use Tung Oil on HempWood

Pure tung oil for wooden furnitureFollow these instructions for smooth application of tung oil on HempWood.

Supplies for Adding Tung Oil on HempWood

  • Rubber gloves
  • Plastic sheeting
  • Soft polishing cloth
  • Lint-free rags
  • Pure Tung Oil
  • Citrus Solvent
  • Fine grit sandpaper (220 grit or 320 grit)

Applying a Tung Oil Finish to HempWood

  1. Prepare your work area: Lay down plastic sheeting and gather all the supplies you need to apply hemp oil alternatives like Pure Tung Oil to your HempWood surface.
  2. Prepare the wood surface: HempWood is essentially raw wood, so you may need to sand the surface to raise the wood grain and make repairs with our Real Wood Filler as needed. After sanding, clear the debris with a lint-free rag before continuing.
  3. Mix the tung oil: Next, mix Pure Tung Oil at a 1:1 ratio with Citrus Solvent so the natural oil will penetrate deep into the HempWood. For convenience, we also offer premixed Half & Half and Dark Half formulations so you can avoid the mess of mixing.
  4. Apply tung oil to the wooden surface: Use a lint-free rag to saturate wood surfaces with tung oil. Let the first coat sink deeply into the wooden surface, then repeat the application until no more tung oil absorbs into the HempWood. Then, wipe away the excess oil.
  5. Give the tung oil ample time to cure: Since Pure Tung Oil cures rather than dries, you need to give it ample time to do so. Be sure to wait 5 to 7 days for partial curing and 15 to 30 days for a fully cured HempWood surface.

When you want a true matte finish that’s water-resistant and doesn’t mar, peel or blister, consider Pure Tung Oil from Real Milk Paint Co. Perfect for all wood species, our tung oil performs better than other natural oils and synthetic finishes in terms of durability and beauty. To get answers to your questions about our natural oil, ask on our contact us page or call (800) 339-9748.