restored outdoor wood furniture using real milk paint finishing oilModern furniture restoration projects work best when they use high-quality products focusing on sustainability and health consciousness. That focus has turned many discerning artisan and DIY woodworkers to the Real Milk Paint Co. in recent years, thanks to our commitment to all-natural wood finishing products that help you transform cherished pieces while maintaining your green status. With that in mind, let’s explore the best wood furniture restoration products for when you want to enhance an existing finish, restore a previous one or add a new finish to raw wood.

The Importance of Eco-Friendly Restoration Products for Wood Surfaces

Since we all have to live here, using environmentally friendly products in your project makes sense. Beyond environmental stewardship, top-notch products that use proven materials are critical in keeping surfaces and items in your kitchen and serving areas safe for food contact. That’s why we remove harmful chemical residues from our manufacturing processes, eschewing potentially dangerous substances for all-natural, nontoxic alternatives that get the job done even better. This commitment to home and food safety helps you achieve effective yet sustainable restorations prioritizing the environment and well-being.

Identifying What Your Wood Furniture and Wood Floors Need

Your wood furniture and wood floors deserve special care to maintain them. Our range of products provides a little bit of everything, from top-notch wax paste selections that let you easily polish your pieces to a high shine to creams that lend depth and character to an existing finish. Let’s look at what we offer to see what works best for your needs.

The Real Milk Paint Co.’s Comprehensive Range of Wood Restoration Products

Wood Finishing Oils

beautiful wood furniture restored using the best wood furniture restoration products

  • Pure Tung Oil: Formulated from 100% pure chinawood oil, Pure Tung Oil offers a food-contact-safe matte finish that brings out the natural beauty of your wood. This finishing oil contains no VOCs for easy application in areas without lots of ventilation and cures via oxidation, not evaporation, so it doesn’t dry out the wood floors or surfaces where you apply it.
  • Half & Half: Before you apply our Pure Tung Oil, you typically need to cut it at a 1:1 ratio with our Citrus Solvent. Half & Half let you skip the mixing step, combining the two products in a single container so you can start adding a new finish right away. Like the oil at its base, this product can protect an existing finish or add a new quality finish to your projects.
  • Dark Tung Oil: Pure Tung Oil offers a transparent matte finish to wood surfaces, but our Dark Tung Oil brings a deeper, richer look to your piece’s grain. Colored with natural resin and formulated with 100% pure chinawood oil, this product delivers the same flexibility and moisture resistance as its golden Pure Tung Oil counterpart.
  • Dark Half: Like Half & Half, Dark Half nixes the mixing step, offering you a pre-mixed formulation of Dark Tung Oil with our Citrus Solvent. This time-saving formula delivers the same deep, rich results as its unmixed counterpart but penetrates deeply straight from the container — no extra solvent is required.
  • Hemp Oil: When you want a deeply penetrating oil that’s hypoallergenic and safe for food contact, Hemp Oil may be just what you need. This finishing oil helps breathe new life into an existing finish. It works well for numerous applications, including sealing wood furniture and floors, protecting bare wood and providing an excellent top coat for Real Milk Paint and chalk paint.

Wood Finishing Creams and Pastes

  • Finishing Creams: Our finishing creams come in three sheen levels—dead flat, low sheen, and gloss—so you can customize the pieces you’re restoring better. These wood finishes don’t change the color of the surface; rather, they imbue a washable topcoat to protect the piece. For added versatility, you can paint over our finishing creams with any paint, including our flexible range of 56 Real Milk Paint colors.
  • Finishing Glazes: Finishing glazes simplify things when you want to add a distressed look to unfinished wood, other wood finishes and surfaces covered with Real Milk Paint. Available in Mahogany, Espresso and Mocha, these tinted topcoats have washable formulations that protect the appearance of your wood from light scratches and other minor damage. For added convenience, you can paint over our finishing glazes when you want to change up the look of a piece.

Wood Finishing Waxes

  • restoring wood furniture with finishing oil

    Wood Wax: Refinish your cutting board, butcher’s block or wooden utensils with our Wood Wax. Safe for food contact, this product works great on unfinished wood and over Real Milk Paint.

  • Clear Carnauba Wax Paste: When you want a high-shine polish that’s never hard or tacky, consider our Clear Carnauba Wax Paste. This product protects wood, metal, and epoxy and doesn’t melt in the sun, allowing added flexibility.
  • Zero VOC Wax: Increase visual interest and natural beauty for wood finishes by topping them off with our Zero VOC Wax. This walnut oil, carnauba wax and pigment combination comes in warm black and chestnut brown, giving you a simple way to intensify the richness of an existing finish while protecting it from scratches and dings.
  • Soapstone Sealer: Protect porous surfaces such as granite, slate, and concrete with our Soapstone Sealer. Like most Real Milk Paint Co. products, it is all-natural and safe for food contact. This sealer provides a vegan-friendly way to maintain an existing finish on your countertop while enhancing its overall beauty and functionality.
  • Soft Wax: Achieve a hard-drying matte sheen by using our Soft Wax in your furniture restoration process. This wood wax comes in ebony, clear, white, gray and dark brown, providing creative options for highlighting detailing on your restored antiques or adding richer depth and protection to your piece.

Restore Your Wood Furniture With the Best Finishing Products From the Real Milk Paint Co.

We know how much hard work you put into your restored furniture and floor projects. Our products give you the tools to complete those projects with satisfying results. When looking for high-quality finishing oils, furniture polish and colorful paints that enhance and beautify your home, the Real Milk Paint Co. has options that suit your needs for eco-friendly protection of wood surfaces.