When you want to add natural wood wax finishes to wooden furniture, consider paste waxes like Wood Wax from the Real Milk Paint Co. The plant-based combination of carnauba wax and walnut oil creates a clear wax finish that enriches the color of your furnishings, and it makes a great finish for both raw wood and a wood surface covered in Real Milk Paint

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Benefits of Using Wood Wax

Applying Wood Wax by the Real Milk Paint Co. has numerous benefits, both in terms of the formulation and ease of application. Vegan-friendly and all-natural, like vegetable wax, our wood wax finish for furniture provides the best of both worlds with its wax and oil-based formulation, conveying the benefits of both to your wood finish projects.

Food-Contact Surface Safe

Use our food-safe wood wax when you need a natural finish that’s safe for use in your kitchen. Formulated for safety with food-contact surfaces, our Wood Wax makes a great choice for everything from butcher block countertops and flat, functional cutting boards to fancy serving surfaces with engraved designs and other crevices. The user-friendly formulation goes on easily with just a clean cotton cloth, making regular maintenance simple and convenient.

All-Natural Vegan Wood Wax

Rely on our Wood Wax for an all-natural furniture finishing wax that contains just two plant-based ingredients. We blend sustainable T1 carnauba wax derived from the Brazilian copernicia prunifera palm with walnut oil for an FDA-approved formulation that’s environmentally friendly. The lack of beeswax in this particular wax also makes our product a good choice for vegans wanting a quality wood finish.

Eco-Friendly VOC-Free Formula

Use our wax finish in areas with poor ventilation thanks to a formulation containing no volatile organic compounds (VOCs). The naturally pleasant aroma simplifies applying the wax to your furniture and lets you finish wood in a variety of spaces. Additionally, Wood Wax by the Real Milk Paint Co. contains no petroleum distillates or mineral oil for added eco-friendliness and extra peace of mind about its safety on food-contact surfaces.

Great for Finished and Raw Wood

Using wood wax by Real Milk Paint Co. to enhance the natural beauty of maple charcuterie boardPut Wood Wax to work on both raw wood and finished wood for added versatility in your furniture restoration projects. Whether you’ve created a piece of furniture from bare wood or stripped down a project to a raw wood finish, our paste wax helps you bring out the natural beauty. This paste wax also works equally well on any surface you’ve painted with Real Milk Paint, helping you protect your paint job and maintain the shiny finish of frequently used furniture.

Ideal for Maintaining Smooth Finish

Maintain a smooth, even finish on your wood projects with our Wood Wax. There’s no need for a wax brush when applying paste wax like Wood Wax. Simply apply wax in a circular motion using a lint-free rag and you can protect your wood surface in a flash. The one-two punch of walnut oil and carnauba wax lets Wood Wax both absorb like oil and sit on the surface like other waxes, keeping your furniture looking great for the long term.

Perfect for a Plethora of Projects

While our Wood Wax works great for furniture, it also makes a great choice for other tasks around the house. Look to this pliable paste wax when you need help refinishing old tool handles in the garage or garden shed, and turn to it when you want to restore the shine to door facings and baseboards. Great for everything wood from kitchen cabinets and jewelry boxes to picture frames and blanket chests, this paste wax helps you polish up old wax or add a new layer, depending on the project you have in mind.

How to Use Wood Wax

Whether you need to finish raw wood, strip old wax and apply finishing wax or protect a surface covered with Real Milk Paint, our Wood Wax provides exactly the consistency and coverage you require. This paste wax works great for novices and experts alike, comes in small and big containers ideal for projects both large and small and stores easily so you can save some for later tasks. But the best thing about our Wood Wax? It’s super-simple to apply when you want wood finishes that last.

Coverage Considerations for Wood Wax

Before you get started on your wood finish project for furniture, you need the right supplies on hand. This means you need to understand how many square feet your piece is to know how much of our paste wax to purchase. Our small 4-ounce container covers 35 square feet, while our large 16-ounce container covers 140 square feet. Keep these coverage statistics in mind when planning your project or determining how much you need for continued furniture care.

Preparing Surfaces for Wood Wax Paste Wax

Designed for use on raw wood and over Real Milk Paint, Wood Wax does its best work there. This means that if your surface retains coverage from other finishes like paints, shellacs and varnishes, you need to remove those wood finishes before you begin with our Soy Gel Professional Paint Remover.

If the surface is finished with mineral oils, clean it thoroughly with our Orange Oil Natural Citrus Solvent before you continue. However, if your surface has been treated with one of our other finishing oils, such as Pure Tung Oil, it can be used over them as well.

Keep in mind that even if you’re working with raw wood, bare wood needs cleaning before you finish it. We recommend our Trisodium Phosphate when you want to clean raw wood and remove all surface contaminants because this process helps you achieve a smooth, even finish without much elbow grease.

Another issue you may face, especially with stripped wood, is staining, but our Oxalic Acid Wood Bleach aids you in removal without damaging wood. Finally, you may have some areas that need some extra attention. Raw wood tends to be bumpy, so you typically want to smooth it out with up to a 220-grit sandpaper, then clean the dust with a damp cloth before you begin applying the wax finish.

Caribbean blue painting antique with furniture wax from Real Milk Paint

Applying Wax to Wood Surfaces

Though many other waxes require you to use a wax brush when you want to apply paste wax, Wood Wax doesn’t. All you need to apply the wax is one clean cloth or lint-free rag to wipe the surface with thin coats along the grain of the wood and one to wipe away the excess wax. Due to the unique carnauba wax and walnut oil formulation, this paste wax has a creamy consistency, so bare wood absorbs it easily.

To begin, put Wood Wax on the first cloth, rub the paste wax into the surface you’re finishing, then let it sit for 10 to 15 minutes. Keep in mind that new items may absorb the wax. If areas look dry or you feel resistance while wiping the rag across the surface, you may need to apply a second coat. Expect end grain areas to need reapplication.

Wait 10-15 minutes before buffing away excess wax. Keep in mind that Wood Wax takes 15 to 30 days to fully cure, so you need to wait at least 5 to 7 days after use before lightly using items finished with the protective medium. Putting items in a warm setting typically speeds up the curing time, and many professionals use a light-bulb kiln for smaller pieces when they want faster turnaround times.

Maintaining an Existing Finish

applying wood waxWhether it’s time to perform basic maintenance on pieces finished with Wood Wax or you need to fix issues like white rings on furniture, adding a new coat of this paste wax finish is quick and simple. Just apply to the surface when you think it needs a touch-up or add a bit to areas with wear and tear as you notice them. Apply the wax like you did originally for a fuss-free way to spruce up your furnishings.

Keep in mind that your Wood Wax finish lasts longer with proper care. We suggest you wash down the surface or furniture you finished only with mild cleaners like a blend of dish soap and hot water as needed, rather than utilizing harsh cleansers with acidic bases. This prevents damage to the wood finish and keeps your furnishings looking good longer without Wood Wax touch-ups.

Polish and Wax Wood With Real Milk Paint

Knowing the basics of finishing furniture and other surfaces with Wood Wax helps you assess its usefulness in your DIY projects. If you work with a lot of bare wood and want to showcase the beauty of the grain, nothing works better than a simple, clear finish like our furniture wax. Try this product today, or find other options better suited to your particular woodworking projects at the Real Milk Paint Co. online store.