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The Benefits of Real Milk Paint

The Real Milk Paint Company has always been focused on protecting our environment, as well as the health of our customers. The flagship in our line of earth friendly products is our powdered milk paint. This environmentally friendly, non-toxic paint not only protects the user from the harmful effects of traditional paints, but is also kind to the environment.


Zero-VOC interior paint and exterior paint

Green is much more than just a color choice in terms of paint. New green products and solutions are showing up in a broad range of markets, but Real Milk Paint has been the green choice in painting for a long time. The term “green paint” now refers to any environmentally friendly paint that can act as a green alternative to petroleum based products. Our milk paint is considered green paint because it contains zero VOC’s (volatile organic compounds).

This means there will not be toxic off-gassing from the paint polluting your home. Milk paint is truly a non-toxic paint or green paint because it contains no additives or distillates that can harm you or the environment.

It is green paint that is made from natural ingredients including iron oxide pigment, milk protein casein, and lime. All of these are acceptable for earth-friendly paint, and are safe for you, your home, and the planet.



Want to update your kitchen on a budget? Green paint is a fresh and natural way to create an updated and exciting look!

  • Instead of costly cabinet replacement or re-facing, give your current cabinets a green makeover with crackle paint. Simply prepare the cabinet surfaces, apply Natural Crackle, and then paint with your favorite color of Real Milk Paint green paint.
  • Paint countertop wall areas to create a decorative backsplash that is stylish, green, and a lower-priced alternative to tile. Choose a contrasting paint color that compliments your main paint color selections.


Thinking of sprucing up your bath or powder room? Real Milk Paint is a great way to beautify your bathroom with green style.

  • Paint green and serene using the latest serene color trends. Real Milk Paint pigment powder and paint base allow you to create your own perfect shades.
  • Create a new countertop with colored concrete. Real Milk Paint has a great selection of pigment powder colors to design an amazing concrete countertop for your green bath.


There are many ways green paint can add style to your home. Real Milk Paint gives you what you need to create your own home makeover.

  • Paint walls to establish a whole new color scheme. Choose from a beautiful color palate of Real Milk Paint green paint or blend your own color. Consider painting contrast walls in a different color to keep it exciting.
  • Make your own green furnishings using Real Milk Paint products. An old coffee table can find new life when repainted using a selection of green paint that suits your style.


Create a truly green work of art by using discarded scrap wood painted with your own unique design. You can be artistic and utilitarian with your green paint project, and create something both beautiful and useful.

  • Recycle an old mirror with a newly painted frame. For added interest and texture, use Real Milk Paint colored wax to give the mirror an antique look.
  • Save a beat-up old bookshelf that was destined for the landfill and use it as a green addition to a children’s play area. Paint it with a whimsical color scheme – you can even add a few storybook characters or scenes.

healthy living paints or fine paints for outdoor projects - outdoor wooden bench


Real Milk Paint is a great green paint choice for outdoor projects. Simply use the outdoor additive with any green paint color and you’ll have exterior paints formulated for outdoor use.

Use Real Milk Paint to update an old wooden outdoor dining set with one of today’s most popular colors. Add interest by choosing two different paint colors – paint the chairs one color and the table another. Tie the colors together with seat cushions and an umbrella.

Make your own flagstone for a one-of-a-kind walkway through your lawn or garden. Use Real Milk Paint pigment powder colors added to concrete to create a stunning look.

Real Milk Paint is Environmentally-Friendly

Real Milk Paint is an environmentally friendly, child safe paint that makes a difference because they are not only environmentally friendly products, but they are environmentally helpful products!


RMP environmental and low voc paintsAccording to Environmental Protect Agency standards, in order to be acceptable, the VOC levels of paint must be lower than 250 grams per liter. Paints that contain less than 5 grams per liter can be labeled and sold as “No VOC” or zero-VOC paints. Among the new generation of environmentally friendly paint choices, the choice that truly contains no VOC’s is Real Milk Paint.

Real Milk Paint is one that is not only safe for but beneficial to the environment. What makes Real Milk Paint an environmentally friendly paint is one of the primary ingredients, pharmaceutical grade lime. High calcium lime has unique properties in that it is cured through a reaction called carbonization. This means that our paint draws in carbon dioxide from the air as it continues to harden, so when painted on the interior and exterior walls and siding, it will continue cleaning the air. Using our environmentally friendly paint will help to clean carbon emissions from the air thus helping to reduce the greenhouse effect. Just think of the effect on our environment if everyone used our Real Milk Paint. This environmentally safe paint is an actively beneficial choice among Earth-friendly products. Another benefit of natural lime in milk paint is that it acts as a fire retardant. This means it will slow the rate and spread of fire. When choosing an environmentally friendly paint that is safer for the Earth, you can also have paint that is safer for your home.


Real Milk Paint is only the beginning of our Earth-friendly products. We also offer 100% pure Tung Oil, an all-natural drying oil squeezed from the Tung nut. Our Natural Citrus Solvent, which comes from the peel of the orange, can directly replace odorless mineral spirits and paint thinner. You can enjoy all of your painting projects from start to finish, without having to worry about the harmful effects and fumes with our non-toxic paint and Natural Citrus Solvent mineral spirits alternative.


Our environmental efforts don’t stop there. While the majority of companies strive to add Earth-friendly products and practices to their operations and product lines, be assured this has always been the focus of The Real Milk Paint Company. As a youngster growing up in town, I would always rummage through the bushes for that “Coke Bottle” to be returned for a nickel. Five bottles were enough money to get penny candy that would last a whole day. I never could understand why people would just toss out things that still had value. I may have grown up some, but my thinking has not changed.

As an eco-friendly paint company and maker of environmental products, we incorporate many recycled products into our daily routine. The majority of our shipping boxes are saved from the box crusher or recycled and shipped again. Our only stuffing material for shipments is discarded unprinted newspaper and perforated cardboard. All plastic in our facility is recycled. We are not only proud to provide green paint and other Earth-friendly products, but to deliver them in a way that satisfies our customers, and respects the planet.

Awareness and concern over environmental issues continue to rise, increasing the demand for environmentally friendly alternatives to conventional paints, which is full of toxin-releasing VOCs. There are a number of environmentally safe paint alternatives today, whereas in the past the options were much more limited. There are now many more selections, and a wider array of paint color options is available.

Real Milk Paint is Non-Toxic Paint

Real Milk Paint vs oil-based paintConsumers want to keep their home a safe and healthy environment so non-toxic paints such as the ones offered by Real Milk Paint have become a must for home projects.

The concept has gained popularity within the last thirty years, as people have become aware of the hazards of lead-based paint through the tragic cases of lead poisoning among children. Though lead-based paints are no longer widely used, homes constructed before 1980 may have been painted with lead-based paint. Before builders had any notion of the concept lead-based paints were an industry standard. The owners of older homes must take great care in removing old paint because the dust from lead-based paint is dangerous. Many people purchase inexpensive kits to test for lead, so that the appropriate precautions can be taken in removing old paint, and repainting it. It is interesting to note that while lead-based paint has a long history of use and the idea of non-toxic paint is perceived to be a “new” concept, non-toxic paint has been used effectively for centuries.


The issue of lead was just the beginning of consumers realizing the dangers of conventional paint, and the demand continues to grow. Today, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) warns that indoor air is significantly more toxic than outdoor air because of hazardous air pollutants. Toxins in paints and finishes are among the primary causes because they continue to emit toxic chemicals at low levels, long after their initial application. Volatile Organic Compounds or VOCs are the sources of the toxicity in paint. Even Latex paint, and acrylic paint, which are relatively safe, is somewhat toxic paint. Using a true non-toxic product like Real Milk Paint is the only way to completely avoid the poisons associated with paint.

The three basic elements in paint are the pigment, binder, and an agent to combine the pigment and binder into a liquefied formula. In conventional paint formulas chemicals have been utilized to optimize these elements. While effective for those purposes, the same chemicals have proven to produce dangerous effects. Some of these chemicals include:


This group of chemicals is primarily used in paints and cleaning solvents. While some are only recommended for industrial use, others are widely used in consumer products. Short-term exposure to high levels of these chemicals can lead to conditions such as pulmonary edema, narcosis, as well as liver and kidney damage. Real Milk Paint excludes the use of ethylene glycol ethers.


Formaldehyde is used in the manufacture of glues, and in a number of industries as a preservative. It is a pungent-smelling, colorless gas, which can cause burning in the eyes and throat, nausea, and difficulty in breathing. Formaldehyde has also been demonstrated to cause cancer in animals and may cause cancer in humans. Real Milk Paint does not contain formaldehyde.


Hydrogen chloride can be a colorless liquid with a strong odor, or a colorless to slightly yellow gas. It is used in the manufacture of pigments for paints. Exposure to hydrochloric acid may lead to circulatory collapse, which may cause death. It can also cause death by asphyxiation, respiratory illness, and a variety of other adverse affects. Real Milk Paint precludes the use of hydrochloric acid.


Benzene is an ingredient that is commonly added to paint to help it dry more quickly. It is an aromatic, colorless substance that evaporates quickly into the air. It is determined to be highly toxic when inhaled and is known to cause cancer and leukemia. Benzene can also affect the central nervous system. Benzene is not found in Real Milk Paint.


Toluene is used in the production of paints, paint thinners, and lacquers. It is a sweet-smelling industrial solvent, created through petroleum refining. It is considered to be a dangerous neurotoxin, as well as a developmental toxin. If inhaled directly, it can affect and depress the nervous system. Real Milk Paint is free of toluene.

While a concerted effort has been made on many fronts to curtail the use of these toxic ingredients in paint, the best way to avoid them completely is by using a natural product such as Real Milk Paint.

zero VOCs paints good for painting plant pots


Consumer awareness and new EPA regulations have driven the demand for a safe alternative, and led to the new and emerging market for natural paint. The VOC producing chemicals, which were once thought to be necessary to the development of high-performance paint, have been eliminated or greatly reduced in new low VOC or no VOC varieties. This new, safer generation provides many benefits to the environment and to consumers.

  • Simplified Clean Up and Disposal, with no Special Precautions Necessary
  • Provides Reduction of Contaminants that affect the Ozone, Landfills, and Groundwater
  • Offers Improved Performance of Low VOC Paint in Coverage and Wear
  • Features Water-Based Formulas with Little or No Dangerous Fumes


Environmental concerns are often discussed in combination with health concerns. It is important to note that these are not always the same issue. In the case of paint, some paints, which are considered environmentally friendly, may not be natural. For example, recycled paint is a good choice for reducing waste that is harmful to the earth, but it is not necessarily natural paint. It is important to carefully read labels, not just taglines. 


In order to provide our customers with the best possible options, we are always on the lookout for new and innovative products. Our eco-friendly paints not only protects your walls and furniture but also helps preserve the environment. If you’re looking for a way to make your home more sustainable, this is definitely the product for you. Contact us today to learn more about biodegradable paint or any of our other products!