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  • Finishing Creams

    From: $20.99

    All Finishing Creams are No Odor Non VOC’s water base top coats that provide a protective, washable topcoat. Available in Gloss, Low Sheen and Dead Flat. They will not change the color of the surface you are applying it to. Burnishing Paste can be painted over with any paint in the future including Real Milk Paint. Brush, rag or sponge on surfaces. Quick clean up with soap and water. Dead Flat is not recommended over black color paints.

  • Finishing Glazes

    From: $23.99
    Finishing Glazes are the perfect way to seal and antique your milk paint all in one step! Our Finishing Glazes are a no odor, VOC free finish, water-based topcoat that provides a protective, washable, tinted, matte seal.  Finishing Glazes are easy to apply and have quick cleanup as well. You can also paint over Finishing Glazes with any paint in the future if necessary.
  • Crackle paint like a pro, creating faux paint finishes that have that old antiqued cracked paint look.
  • Chippy Paste

    Chippy Paste

    From: $18.99
    Finally a product that you can control over chipping and flaking!! Make your paint chip when and where you want it! This gives your piece a rustic, chippy look. Easy to use with Real Milk Paint and other paints as well. All natural water base. Thin with water if needed.


All our finishing creams and glazes are odorless, water-resistant, and VOC-free. These protective burnishing pastes and glazes are easy to apply and come in a variety of natural colors. There are also low-sheen and dead flat options, depending on how much luster and shine you want.


If you’re looking for a rustic and creative look for the best finish for wood surfaces, why not try a chipped effect, which you can easily create with our chippy paste. The paste allows you to control where chipping occurs and makes for a unique and interesting finish for your projects.