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  • Finishing Creams

    From: $24.00

    All Finishing Creams are low odor and low VOC, water-based topcoats that provide a protective, washable topcoat. Available in Gloss, Low Sheen, and Dead Flat. They will not change the color of the surface you are applying it to. Burnishing Paste can be painted over with any paint in the future including Real Milk Paint. Brush, rag, or sponge on surfaces. Quick clean up with soap and water. Dead Flat is not recommended over black color paints.

  • Finishing Glazes

    From: $28.99
    Finishing Glazes are the perfect way to seal and antique your milk paint all in one step! Our Finishing Glazes are a low odor, low VOC free finish, water-based topcoat that provides a protective, washable, tinted, matte seal. Finishing Glazes are easy to apply and have quick cleanup as well. You can also paint over Finishing Glazes with any paint in the future if necessary.
  • Crackle paint like a pro, creating faux paint finishes that have that old antiqued cracked paint look.

Real Milk Paint Finishes

Complete the look of your projects with milk paint finishes from The Real Milk Paint Co. Whether you want a clear-drying finished cream that showcases your Real Milk Paint color in its best light while imbuing durability, protective finishing glazes in neutral hues that bring out the beauty of wood grain or a crackled finish that gives your restoration project a vintage look, The Real Milk Paint Co. has milk paint finishes to suit your style, and most of them work with other paint formulations as well. Odorless formulations with no volatile organic compounds (VOCs) ensure a safe, pleasant work environment for added peace of mind.

Finishing Creams

Use Finishing Creams from The Real Milk Paint Co. when you want to protect painted surfaces without changing their color. These milk paint finishes come in gloss, low sheen and dead flat formulations, and they add a washable top coat to your piece for fuss-free care. If you want to change the look of furnishings coated with our Finishing Cream, it allows easy paint-overs no matter the paint used beneath it. Additionally, you can use our Finishing Cream to rejuvenate already-treated pieces if they lose their luster in the future. Soap and water cleanup and easy application with bristle brushes, foam brushes, or soft rags make our Finishing Cream simple to use.

Finishing Glazes

Use our Finishing Glaze to protect and add a hint of neutral beauty to your projects. These milk paint finishes come in Espresso, Mocha, and Mahogany shades to help beautify handmade furnishings by accentuating their wood grain. Like all the other milk paint finishes made by The Real Milk Paint Co., water-based Finishing Glaze has no odor or VOCs for safe indoor usage. You can put Finishing Glaze to work as a washable topcoat with a smooth matte finish for restoration projects or add it between layers of Real Milk Paint to bring a distressed look to your design. Like our other milk paint finishes, this formulation offers hassle-free application and cleanup to simplify projects.

Natural Crackle

Impart an antique look to numerous surfaces with Natural Crackle from The Real Milk Paint Co. This milk paint finish dries to a clear satin finish to keep the color you select for your project true, and it brushes or rolls on your selected surfaces with ease for fuss-free application. Made from a natural biodegradable gelatin, Natural Crackle acts as a collagen adhesive, extending its use to repairing wood furnishings or securing project elements such as leather, paper and cardboard together. Depending on the application method, this Real Milk Paint finish helps you achieve several looks, including heavy alligator-style aging and fine hairline glass cracks.

Chippy Paste

Create a faux antique design theme for furnishings and decor with Chippy Paste. The all-natural water-based formulation works with most paints, simplifying the distressing process by providing control over where you want to add flaking or chipping. Easy to use for beginners and experts alike, Chippy Paste allows smooth spreading over entire surfaces to get an all-over antiqued effect, and you can use it between Real Milk Paint layers or atop them for versatile application. Thin Chippy Paste down and flick it across the surface for a mottled look, or leave it thick and let it dry in thick globs to achieve a heavily distressed design. Once dry, simply use a scrubbing pad on the areas where you applied Chippy Paste to reveal the rustic results.