October Color of the Month: Sage Grey

We’re now well into autumn, and that means shifting our creative brainstorming to warmer palettes and neutral colors that make us feel cozy. Natural, earthy tones and the fall and winter seasons go hand in hand, but the beautiful thing about Sage Grey, our next color of the month, is that it’s a neutral that feels wintery but still works like a charm when summer rolls around.

Sage Grey is a light grey tinged with green, evoking memories of the curly dried edges of sage left to dry in the sun. It’s a versatile color perfect for everything from a country kitchen to the chic entryway of a modern loft, but today we’re using it to revitalize a dresser that needs more than just a little help.

Using Milk Paint on a Secondhand Piece

We knew Sage Grey would look stunning on a five-drawer dresser we rescued on its way to the trash heap, but this well-used piece needed oodles of TLC. For starters, the dresser’s wood finish had a lot of water damage. The dresser was structurally sound, but there was no way the wood could stay in its natural state. Milk paint, however, could give the dresser a face-lift without requiring extensive prep work.

Our Process

If you’ve had a chance to play with milk paint already, then you know it has a number of major benefits, these three being the most important:

  1. It’s eco-friendly and safe for use around kids.
  2. It’s easy to use.
  3. You can customize your finish in a snap.

Despite the dresser’s water damage, we were able to go straight to painting. It took two coats of Sage Grey to achieve a base coat that showcased both the color and the dresser in the best light. We then used Low Sheen Finishing Cream to add a protective top coat that’s also washable. Cleaning up spills and dust won’t be a problem, giving whoever gets this piece lots of options as to where the dresser will ultimately go.

Two Ways to Use Milk Paint Wax

Our waxes are a phenomenal way to add complexity to DIY designs, but many people aren’t sure where to start. We used two different types on this dresser, and application couldn’t have been simpler.

First, we balanced out the slight luster of the Low Sheen Finish Cream with Ebony Soft Wax. Rub this blend of carnauba and bee’s wax into furniture details such as carved edges, and it gives the paint just enough grunge to add depth and character most newly painted pieces lack.

Secondly, we used Clear Carnauba Wax Paste on the runners of the dresser drawers. This trick won’t change the appearance of your furniture, but it does help with functionality, and that’s important too.

We’re in love with the final result of this project. Light, appealing and perfect for winter but still exuding a timeless look that’ll attract compliments whether you use it to store clothes in your bedroom, display picture frames in the den or lay outside dishes at your next dinner party.