Spring is a popular time of year to clean out old things and spruce up the house. What better way to bring new life into a home than by revitalizing wood furniture and accent pieces using wood finishing wax? Our wood wax seals and protects your wood to keep it looking like new.

We use a natural walnut oil base to create our soapstone sealer and wood wax. Unlike other tree nut oils, walnut oil will take in the oxygen from the air and polymerize into a hard, smooth surface. As a “drying oil”, walnut oil will fully cure within 15-30 days, leaving your wood with a beautiful shine.
Our wood finishing products are food-safe and contain no VOCs, which mean they are safe to use around your family. You can feel good knowing our wood wax is safe for skin contact and ready for use in less than an hour.
Spring cleaning is a great time to free up space on your wooden shelves, and our wood wax will ensure the remaining space is beautiful and smooth. Unfinished wood cabinets and built-in buffets can also benefit from our all-natural, high-quality wood finishing seal.
Whether your home features modern, high-class wooden sculpting or traditional, elegant wooden accent pieces, using a good wood finish can really bring your furniture back to life. With all-wood design or wooden accents, all furniture can benefit from walnut oil finish.
Cleaning your house in the spring lets you feel new and free for the rest of the year, and taking a little bit of time to restore and protect your wood furniture will go a long way towards a more beautiful home. There’s no need to buy brand new furniture when your original furniture can be made like-new. Scratches disappear and original beauty is restored with our soapstone sealer and wood wax.